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  1. Hi, Alex.....PM sent!!!! Hi guys, everything's fine Up there in old Britannia?
  2. Thanks a lot.. that's a very useful information. Best regards!
  3. Hi all.... Were the B25 Mitchells fitted with lap or shoulder belts, or both of them? TIA and BEST regards
  4. Thanks a lot, gents. All your info have been of great help. Now I'm sure I must discard the old Monogram J, and resume my project using an Accurate Miniatures D as a starting point. Best regards, and have a Happy weekend!!
  5. Thanks for your answer... According to Squadron Signal's In Action, HD326 is a Mitchell III, but some other info in my collection say It's a Mitchell II, as you correctly say. What lead me to a sea of doubts, are the tail gunner and side fuselaje gunners positions, both features from.the B25J. On the other hand, haven't been able tomfind any Pic showing the undersurfaces.....can't figure out about underwing codes or so.... Best regards
  6. Thanks for the info. Anyway, I'll keep searching for some pics of those yellow/black trainers.
  7. Beautiful "Bacalao" (cod). I've been working for years in the old Hobbycraft kit in 1/48 scale. Hope mine turns out half as nice as yours!!!! Cheers
  8. Artie

    RAF Mitchell II.

    Hi all.....Does anyone know wich changes were made to the mentioned aircraft when they were received by the RAF? I know they weren't supplied with the Norden bombing sights, but what about the radios? Did they keep the original north american equipment, or were they fitted with British radios instead? TIA and BEST regards from Tenerife!!
  9. Dear Sirs: After a long time away from modelling (in every sense) due to severe health issues, I'm slowly resuming my old builds and "shelf Queens". I'd like to ask for info about the RCAF Mitchell II/III used as trainers during the late 40s, early 50s. Specially regarding those yellow/black aircraft wich looked like target tugs. Any good pics or three views drawings? TIA and BEST regards.
  10. Hi, Sirs.... With Juan just returned from Lebanon, we're able to resume activity, but with some limitations due to the poor condition of some rubber moulds. That listing show the kits still fine, but once the rubber moulds will be damaged, they won't be repeated, so the kits won't be available. BEST regards
  11. Hi, Mike!!! Same wishes for you and your wife from the cold island !!!! Unfortunately, Teide Hobby closed it's Doors and is no longer in the business...Juan is dar away, deployed at Lebanon, and due to the lockdown , the gang doesn't meet as frequently as we'd like to do... Anyway, some new members hace joined our club, such as our German friend Andy Klein, the Guy behind Airdoc Publications, Wingman Models and Double Ugly. On the other Hand, another hobby shop is working hard here in La Laguna, keeping us amused with plenty of Models and supplies. Regarding the Welsh Models kit, it's a Boeing 747, with the short fuselaje and enlarged Wings for long distance flights, in 1/144 scale. Someone mismatched the address...!!! I'm not going to build It at all, so if you want It on your stash, just remind me your address, and to England It Will fly to its new home... BEST wishes, Hope you'll enjoy a peaceful and Happy New Year's Eve....!!
  12. Dear Sir. My apologies for such an upsetting situation. I've been trying to Contact my friend Juan, but he's deployed at Lebanon right now, and comunication is somehow difficult. Nevertheless, I've ordered a PayPal refund. Last time I talked with him, he assured all those shipments were already sent back then. Maybe the canadian postal services strikes those days had some responsability. According to his shipments records, 12 packets were sent to Canadá in early 2019. We cannot Accept any responsability for a damaged or Lost packet once shipped. Anyway, I prefer to loose some money than being called a thief. BEST regards.
  13. The main "problem" with this kit (originally Hobbycraft), much older then the Academy boxing, is the fact that it represents a canadian CT33 Silver Star, with the proper nose for a canadian built T33.
  14. Hi all......to my surprise, the postman brought a wrong model. I think someone out there missed the addressee, and sent me a model I've never ordered or traded. It's a Welsh Models vacuformed Boeing 747. Please, get back in touch with me if you think you mismatched the shipping data. There must be someone out there waiting for a kit that will never arrive...!!!! Best regards.
  15. Excellent info....thank you very much. I'll use British colours then. BEST regards
  16. Thanks a lot. Will check It carefully...!!
  17. Morning all...!!! Been given an ICM Spitfire Mk.IXc with soviet markings, but came without the colour guide. We're them repainted with russian colours, ir left in the original British ones? TIA and greetings from sunny Tenerife...
  18. Artie

    Hi all.........!!!!

    Thanks, Pete. In fact, I started un my new job last month.......just a completely different job than my previous experience. Not the job of my dreams, but pays my bills and keeps my head busy....!!!
  19. Artie

    Hi all.........!!!!

    The Lysander?? I'm afraid you're talking about my brother Rodrigo's mad project......Well, I still wonder how in hell he decided to go that far superdetailing the "last taxi"...
  20. Artie

    Hi all.........!!!!

    Fortunately, the Covid restrictions are not so hard here in the Canaries, we've got a very low contagion ratio and very few deaths directly rlated with the "bug", as we call it here. We're receiving the first tourists from the UK and Germany since last march, when everything collapsed. We meet every weekend at our club workshop, and still enjoy single malt tastings on saturday evening.....of course we keep the adviced health precautions, wearing face masks and using sanitary gel. On the other hand, a local hobby shop (actually a fine arts supplier) decided to offer a large range of model kits and supplies, having a wide stock of Eduard, ICM, Italeri, Tamiya and Airfix. They also stock a wide range of Ammo, Tamiya, Vallejo and AK supplies. After my long and irritating insistence, he's now waiting for a massive order of Humbrol products. Regarding Scratchaeronautics products, things are a little bit stalled by now, as my friend Juan has been deployed to Lebanon for six months. Now, it's a one man enterprise (I'm the one man, by the way). We still receive orders and I try my best to keep people happy, but it's very hard to do. Please, keep safe and sound....!!!! Best wishes from Tenerife...!!
  21. Artie

    Hi all.........!!!!

    greetings from Tenerife.........It's been a long time away from the boards, and this special and terrible situation we suffer world wide is making things even more difficult for all of us. Just wanted to say hallo and to all of you. I wish everything's allright there, and all of you and your relatives are fine. You can bet I miss a lot the nice people I've met here...... I'm still modelling, but at a very slow pace, due to job commintments. The economical situation made me loose my job at the car dealer, and had to rearrange my professional life. Please, stay safe and take care of yourselves...!!!!!
  22. Thanks for your kind words, Friends..... The Alclad was sprayed at a very low psi, over a glossy black enamel base. On the other hand, the Humbrol Trainer Yellow was sprayed in three thin coats over a light grey enamel primer. According to the instructions sheet, those markings are for an 11th RFS, RAF, during late 38. It's noteworthy the use of the short tail, wich comes as a resin optional part. Stever: thanks to our "early" lockdown and self isolation, we can be happy for the low contagion ratio here in the isles, as well as the fatalities. The three firts infected ones here were German tourists wich were quickly put under isolation at the Hospital. Then, an italian lady infected other tourists in the unfamous hotel in Adeje...... Comparing to mainland, we can say we live in a safe place, but must admit that people here is behaving in a more responsable way than in the continent. maybe the better weather conditions have something to do.... Keep safe…!!!! And enjoy model building…!!!
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