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  1. YES are the photos that I had found too, and it makes me think of a very light gray very worn
  2. Thanks to all I'll try to use a light gray and then do a heavy wash, since in the photo I found it looks very worn
  3. Thanks to all, committee of wise men do you think it could be the vallejo silver gray 70883?
  4. Heinkel he 162 in Russian service, what color is silver gray? I have not found any information
  5. so without stabilizer fins?
  6. I have recently purchased the Italeri kit of the F 8 crusader, and I would like to make the profile from boxes of the VX4 evaluation group, but I found only one photo of the subject, the armament is not clear what it consists of, it looks different from the one provided by the kit, does anyone have more information?
  7. Hello everyone from Italy, I do not remember if I introduced myself (I'm getting old) my name is Giuseppe from Alessandria (Piedmont) I have recently resumed my passion for modeling, I have made and am only making airplanes, always from box with modest results
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