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  1. Nice job there Dave, building this kit at the moment myself. One question; who makes the stand/jig you are using? looks very useful.
  2. No problem. I used paint decanted from a Tamiya spray can (AS12) so you could always use it straight from the can instead. Doesn't help you with highlighting different panels but definitely a good base.
  3. Hi Martyn, I used the technique that Spencer Pollard outlines in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bM_SUXDTQag
  4. Just a 4mm hole through the wooden plinth at a suitable angle, holds firm enough but can be twisted to re-position if necessary.
  5. Yes, that is the obvious answer but a little tricky to pull off; not as easy as it sounds but I'll keep experimenting.
  6. No rocket science to the way I do it, although I didn't think of magnets ! I use a 4mm dia clear acrylic rod with a steel pin drilled and inserted into one end. If you cut the rod at an angle it allows a certain amount of variation in the angle of support. A corresponding hole is drilled into the aircraft somewhere around the centre of gravity, usually backed up with a small block of styrene inside to add some rigidity. Then simply a case of glueing it on once the preferred angle is chosen. Also a good idea to scrape the paint off where the rod meets the aircraft so the
  7. That is just the kind of effect I was trying (and failing) to achieve. Oddly enough it works fine if I use my phone ! Problem is I am using a high f-stop, probably f-25, to get the maximum depth of field with my Nikon. Using such a high setting means that the shutter is open for too long (to let the maximum amount of light in) so no matter how slowly the prop is spinning it will always look too fast and just show the disc. The answer I suppose is to use more light and a higher shutter speed and this is what I need to experiment with. Failing that there is always photoshop.
  8. So yes, my bad. Should have done a little research. As it turns out I did actually watch "Red Tails" the other night and it all fell into place; bit late to do anything about it though, I'm afraid.
  9. That is lovely Libor, I particularly like the way you've done the exhaust staining on the fuselage. Great job all round. Out of interest, what colour did you use for the azure blue underside? Thanks
  10. Many thanks ! Got to think of a few more interesting poses for my pilots in the future.
  11. I got a few of their starter sets at Aldi last year, that's probably what kick-started this for me. As you say, quite cheap and reasonably quick builds compared to what I am used to. Got a couple of 109's and 190's but still trying to work up the courage to tackle the mottling. Maybe one day Maybe not as popular but I think aircraft look far better displayed in the environment they were designed for so I like to pose them in flight. Once I figure out how to photograph the prop blur a little better I'll be happier but photography is a black art to me. Cheers
  12. Thanks Greg. Yep, the radio mast completely disintegrated as I tried to get it off, maybe one day I'll scratchbuild one and add it. Next up is the Airfix Zero, got to have some villains in the collection
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