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  1. When it will be that we would hear about a B-17, or B-29... Or a Stirling and Halifax... or since the hype is to re-do old models using new molding technology (i.e Spitfire, me-109, Zero...), why not a new tech Lancaster?... All in glorious 1/48th scale.... Or if you like models never made in mainstream in 1/48, why not a Lockheed P-2 Neptune, or an P-3 Orion. A Super Puma, Cougar family series... Or if you fancy older models, a Kawanishi H6K Mavis, or H8K Emily... And yes, the next iteration of the P-38 in the J, L, K and M guises... And then suddenly felt
  2. Always liked the Monogram kits (even the ones with gimmicks like their Dauntless or Avenger), but the 106 was one of my favorites. Did have the luck to make one many moons ago and your excellent built is bringing lots of memories. Please, keep it coming.
  3. I have always been curious how these models are. Will be tagging along to check it out. Please, keep it coming.
  4. I am using their orange line with their own thinners and so far, so good. Normally I thin it a ration of 1/3 been 1 part thinner and 3 paint and had sprayed with air pressures from 18 psi to 25 psi. They allow for heavy handling and do sand and feather really nicely. Usually, I let them dry for a day (even though after about 0.5 to 1 hour you can touch it without problems). One thing though is you have to shake them very, but very well. Their pigment tend to decant in the bottom of the container and if you are not careful and mix it thoroughly, the shade o
  5. Really nice the way you are making this model and tackling the issues with it. And should say very brave the way you are modifying the windshield. Waiting to see how you are going to fair it with the rest of the canopy. Please, keep it coming.
  6. Excellent modelling, really good rust effects. Liked a lot the detail of the weighed seat cushion due to the chain. Really good attention to the details. Question, what did you use to simulate the headlights glass?. Please, keep them coming.
  7. Really beautiful model. Excellent work on the decals. Please keep them coming.
  8. Thanks Dadeo911. And yes, very short from had scratched it. To be honest, the only thing that stopped me from a full scratch was that I was not sure how to tackle the rugged surface... Having said this, I have been reading here and there about surfacing and effects, so I think next time may go full scratch. The tow bar is a really nice kit. I whish that there were more attention to those accessories by the manufacturers. Thanks a lot dnl42, very much appreciated. Hopefully will have an update soon.
  9. Thanks a lot dnl42. So far has been fun. Thanks a lot Rob. Even though lately things had been slower than normal (if that was possible...), I am still hanging on...:D:D... Thanks a lot Broadway. My issue are the varnishing mostly... Sometimes I look towards building only tanks......
  10. These are really, but really sad news. As has been said, lets hope there are no human losses and that Mr. Vladimir Sulc and his team can recover from this sooner than later. On my side, will be buying from them as often as I can and need in the future in order to help out. Again, what an awful news...
  11. Beautiful subject and you are making really good progress. Please, keep it coming.
  12. I thought you were going to "make" the Hornet to buzz the tower... . Really liked the busy tables inside the tower building. Nice. And of course the rest of it is also very good. Thanks for sharing. Please, keep them coming.
  13. Hello All. Wow, time flies.... Anyway, here we are again. Work on the carrier deck and accessories had progressed, even though at a snail pace.... Part of the issue has been a down in the mojo due to the fact that my plan to simulate the welding hasn't gone as planned (and when it does???...), and I re-did the work about three times. Still not happy with it, but have decided to leave it as is, otherwise, I will never end. As a famous modeler philosopher once said: "Life is too short and so many models to do"... (or something along the lines...).
  14. Nice and clean. Beautiful model. Haldfors grey primer, how much do I miss it... All these years and haven't been able to find any decent substitute here in USA. Now you need to at least make it a sister... By the way, the Sterling below, is it 1/72nd scale?. Please keep it coming.
  15. Jfgred1


    Long time ago I built one of the Tamiya 1/35 scale Tiger 1 offerings. It came with separate track links (the most "difficult" and tedious part of the built). Other than that and the fact that I had to apply the zimmerit with putty the model was really easy to built and looks the part. No interior though. This web site http://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/reviews/vehicles/afvclub/afv35079.htm gives you an idea of the AFV model, as well as they do some comparisons with the Tamiya. Overall, seems to be that any of them would do. Now, if you are talking about 1
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