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  1. I ve read that Danish Air Force used until late 70’s poor quality paint, matt green witch fades after few months. After 1979 they started using gloss green with better characteristics. Anyway some places on danish planes look more like abstract painting than needful maintenance
  2. They are allready done and waiting for publication
  3. Its really easy: 1. pale shades of basic colours, mostly done by adding greys to basic paint 2. contrast, darker shades of basic colors in place where they should be 3. oli paints diluted between wash and filter (mostly bronze and greens) , dont wipe to much when its dry 4. basic color on the top, very thin layer to unify colors 5. step 2 whit diluted paint to pop up a places you want thats all I've used few green paints in step 2, and tried obtain green shades from photo, basic color was FS34102 medium green Hope it was halpfull
  4. This time Lockheed F-104g from Danish Air force from Kinetic.
  5. As a newbie on forum, I want to thank You for all kind responses and comments, that’s very uplifting. Cheers Guys !!
  6. Thanks guys for your kind comments.
  7. My first topic here: P-38 tamiya 1/48 Belts, Rivets HGW Decals - Exito
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