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  1. 1. Too expensive IMO 2. not great resoltion of 3D prints and still there is raster in close look Its a good alternative for Eduard but why so expensive 20euro ;/ I understand 3D printig is something new, but there's a place to improve.
  2. Thank you all for your kind words You motives me to do my best ps. Next time I will do something special for you guys. promise
  3. This is mix of airbrush matalics (cooper/dark alu) as a background/first layer and metalic pen (Kuretake FUDEBIYORI) as colors, its simpler that you would think.
  4. Its really nice kit, perfect in many ways like tamiya F-14 but IMO nose joints could be a little better. Kit is design to have open nose/radar cone, fitting this with no single pin point is not easy, the specific shape, angled cross section can make u turn it in two axis with 0,1mm step.
  5. bit of alclad chrome, silver and pens from picture above
  6. Both, in my opinion mixing airbrush and paint work on 2 step, give very natural and realistic edges and overall look. Thank you all for comments.
  7. I ve read that Danish Air Force used until late 70’s poor quality paint, matt green witch fades after few months. After 1979 they started using gloss green with better characteristics. Anyway some places on danish planes look more like abstract painting than needful maintenance
  8. They are allready done and waiting for publication
  9. Its really easy: 1. pale shades of basic colours, mostly done by adding greys to basic paint 2. contrast, darker shades of basic colors in place where they should be 3. oli paints diluted between wash and filter (mostly bronze and greens) , dont wipe to much when its dry 4. basic color on the top, very thin layer to unify colors 5. step 2 whit diluted paint to pop up a places you want thats all I've used few green paints in step 2, and tried obtain green shades from photo, basic color was FS34102 medium green Hope it was halpfull Thank You for really nice comments. Cheers
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