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  1. Just a quick question - apologies if you've answered this elsewhere but I don't think I could find it - what did you use to make the crop stalks in the field? D
  2. Beautiful work! Can I ask which paints you used for the figures? D
  3. It does seem like an odd choice for that airframe. I have to say I love the Marineflieger birds though - if I do a F-104 I'll probably pick one of them. D
  4. DeepSea

    AMT 1/48 A-10

    Ah - that's a fantastic resource! I'm bookmarking that one. Cheers Markus
  5. DeepSea

    AMT 1/48 A-10

    Thanks I'll see how I get on with it, nothing ventured, nothing gained after all. David
  6. DeepSea

    AMT 1/48 A-10

    Thanks both - sounds like it's good as a testbed - although not much else. @Troffa do you happen to know which drawings are considered good/which books I should be looking at for it? Cheers
  7. DeepSea

    AMT 1/48 A-10

    Hi All, I've picked up the following kit (https://www.scalemates.com/kits/amt-ertl-8587-a-10-thunderbolt-ii--120551) and whilst I'm aware it's not the best/fully accurate etc - I'm hoping to be able to use it to practice techniques etc on (rather than mess up something I'm more invested in). With that in mind - is there a list of things that are known wrong with the kit/ideally would be corrected so I can scope out what I can try/what techniques I can try out on this. Cheers
  8. @Julien don't suppose I could ask you to send me those pics too - I've an idea bouncing around my head that I'm trying to get reference material for. Cheers David
  9. By the same lot that's doing the auction that @RAGATIGER mentioned there's also this one which is the Hasegawa one - https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-72-Model-Plane-F-4G-PHANTOM-II-WILD-WEASEL-Hasegawa-D12-134/402583916175?hash=item5dbbdf0e8f:g:aL8AAOSwgutfxH9j
  10. I've also found this site - https://www.kenleyrevival.org/content/history/significant-dates/kenleys-blast-pens - but again no information about those sort of boxes.
  11. Thanks all for the input on this - @Work In Progress I'll take a gander at the links you put up - cheers for that. I realise I can use some artistic licence to choose what's in there - if we can't find an authoritative source/idea but I'm also genuinely intrigued by them now! I'm not remembering seeing them on any other photos of the blast pens, although if anyone does have other photos showing them/similar ones I'd be very much obliged if you could link them in this thread. Cheers David
  12. Hi all, I've an idea in my head to try and build part of a fighter pen for my spitfire model - I'm taken by the aircraft shown in these pictures - but there's a set of boxes on the wall of the pen (It's clearer on pg77 of RAF Tangmere In Old Photos). Does anyone have any ideas as to what they are/were used for/any schematics or anything to help model them? Many thanks in advance David
  13. Thanks all! When I have managed to sort out a proper workbench space I'll try and post some pictures up of what I'm working on!
  14. Reading it back it does sound remarkably like that - I guess it could turn out to be not too far from the truth!
  15. The only problem is that we seem to have added together the costs of plastic surgery and therapy for what this costs!
  16. Hi all, My name is David and I'm returning to the hobby after several years away. My interests are pretty mixed and often come down to whether or not a kit is interesting or not! Looking forward to learning and being inspired on here.
  17. Hi all, I'm going to build a Revell 1/32 eurofighter and was looking at the Aires exhaust sets - what's the difference between early and late and how do I tell which is appropriate for which airframe - it'd be an RAF aircraft but deciding on which one right now. Cheers in advance David
  18. @wellsprop This is probably too late to be of any help - but there's this vid on using the AA tool - looks like scrap metal would work as well? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o10w7aVmIk
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