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  1. Many thanks Des. Appreciate it
  2. Thanks @Des. That's super helpful. Would you mind if I saved them off for reference? Cheers David
  3. Thanks Bill It seems to definitely be einsa but I can't find a brochure or any shots of it on their site. Worst case I'll try and extrapolate dimensions etc from photos! Cheers David
  4. Not the RAF one I don't believe but maybe of help for someone else - listed in this pdf - https://itwgse.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/ITWGSE_Military_Defense_Brochure.pdf Still hunting for more details/better shots for the RAF one
  5. Hi all, Having managed to finally get my hands on one of these I was wondering if anyone has any idea what aftermarket is worth it for the kit. Or at least how much they actually add. So far I'm aware of PE from Tetra and tracks from MasterClub and Friul. Is there anything else I'm missing at looking at? For anyone that has/has used any of them - do you feel they were worth adding on to the kit? Thanks in advance for the help David
  6. More or less than a crew member able to operate them?
  7. Thanks Des, Any info is good info. I'm keeping on hunting for more details! David
  8. Thanks Ron - very helpful indeed! No worries at all about the delay, life has a habit of happening! All the best David
  9. I've a Revell kit in the stash and was looking at the wheels. What diameter are the reskit ones and the kit ones? How big is the difference? I'm wondering if it's based off the trumpeter kit which I think has shape issues? D
  10. Many thanks Ron - that's at least something for me to start looking at Where did you find the images from 6 Squadron? Appreciate the help!
  11. Hi all, Wondering if anyone can tell me what the GPUs are in this photo? https://www.airhistory.net/photo/283273/ZK436 Thanks in advance for the help from the hive mind
  12. I feared that might be the answer
  13. Thanks @Muzz. I'm tempted by the tornado kit. But might pick up the L'Arsenal ones in the short time. ta
  14. Any idea if/when this re run might appear? Cheers
  15. Ah thanks. I'd missed the fact there was more than one image on there Yeah. It's definitely not a gloss black. Might be a case of experimenting and seeing what's right. Thanks for the suggestion on the drop of grey.
  16. Anyone any idea on where best to source these from? I'm looking to do one of the Typhoons from Op. Shader with these and brimstones. Thanks in advance D
  17. Anyone know what the best matches for the black part of the paint scheme are?
  18. Thanks Julien, I've got that one on order. Are there any others you'd recommend? D
  19. As per the title really. Anyone know of anyone that stocks them preferably in the EU but if not then the UK? Or failing that anywhere that you can order them from for delivering to somewhere not in Japan? Thanks in advance. D
  20. Thanks all. I've a Takom on the way but could very much be tempted by this one as well... Now to find some decent reference on the Berlin ones for some Diorama ideas
  21. Many thanks indeed. Apologies for missing the reply.
  22. If you look at the 3rd photo in this tweet you can see that you might be able to pass silvering off as realistic now
  23. Greetings all, Does anyone know the name of the fonts that are currently used for serial numbers and for pilot/maintenance crew names on RAF jets? Cheers David
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