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  1. Superb work Johnny with the PE. It appears you've beaten the canopy into submission. Nice save! Will you display the canopy sliding section in the open position? It would be lovely seeing all the added detail inside.
  2. There was a decal sheet for this aircraft??? I wish I had that information before I raided my spare decals box. The camo information was acquired from different sources. The Squadron Signal Pub. of this aircraft, an old profile Pub., and some copies a friend made for me many years ago from the Aircraft in Detail Series. Plus various info from the Net. By no means do I believe this scheme is the only accurate one. I suspect the A scheme was also used. Maybe more so.
  3. "the windows on the other side aren’t windows" Those unmasked? I believe lower was metal, the other painted over. Could be for those operated in the desert, as the one I built.
  4. I'm not exactly sure which one you are referring. Is it the small triangular mask? It was included in the Eduard mask sheet.
  5. I did take some in progress photos. Unfortunately well into the build. I can post them here if you like. I don't want to hijack your thread.
  6. I've been following. I just finished this kit last week. Might I recommend getting the Eduard canopy and gun turret masks. They fit fairly well. Also, SBS Model makes resin replacement props. They are a vast improvement of the kit supplied. Unfortunately the blades are cast separate from the hubs. Be warned, there are a number of fit issues. The main being the completed nose section to the fuselage. A very noticeable gap between the two. I tried getting the complex nose glazing to fit properly. I screwed it up so badly, I bought another kit for replacements. The wings to fuselage fit also
  7. I hope you can get it resolved. The members would love to see your models. I'm not sure if any visit here. Good luck !
  8. Very strange would you like me to contact him? I think I might have his email address. If not I do have Joe's email.
  9. Dues were required sometime ago. Have you renewed?
  10. Airfix recently released a Gloster Gladiator.
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