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  1. Thanks everybody for the info. I would have expected a least a reply to my email, if nothing else. Very disappointing. Quote
  2. Has anyone had problems receiving replacement parts? I email from the Airfix website "spare parts" option, a replacement canopy part from their 1/72 B-25 kit. It's been over a month and still no reply or package. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  3. A very nice pair of Hellcats. The weathering looks good to me. I love this kit. I built it when it was 1st released. The absolutely best fitting model I've ever worked on.
  4. Thanks everybody for the kind words. If so inclined to build one, I recommend this kit over the old Heller.
  5. Thank you. I used the French aircraft Model Master enamels paint (AFAIK no long longer available). Except for the green. I mixed it using photos of the Finnish aircraft in Bartlomiej Belcarz book, "GC 1/145 in France 1940". A Mushroom book. There are color period photos included which I believe would be the same paint used on the French aircraft. BTW the RS kit is MUCH more advanced than the Heller kit. I built both.
  6. It's a nice little kit. The kit canopy was way too thick. Luckily I had a Falcon vac replacement originally done for the Heller kit. After some judicial trimming I got it to fit fairly well. To my disappointment the spinner was missing from the kit. In my stash was the old Heller kit and I used the spinner from it. It's a tad oversize but not all that noticeable once attached. The underwing guns are hollow tubing. The gun sight and pitot tube were also replaced with thin metal tube and rod. The kit went together fairly easily. The camo was the challenge. Thanks for looking. -Bert
  7. Superb work Johnny with the PE. It appears you've beaten the canopy into submission. Nice save! Will you display the canopy sliding section in the open position? It would be lovely seeing all the added detail inside.
  8. There was a decal sheet for this aircraft??? I wish I had that information before I raided my spare decals box. The camo information was acquired from different sources. The Squadron Signal Pub. of this aircraft, an old profile Pub., and some copies a friend made for me many years ago from the Aircraft in Detail Series. Plus various info from the Net. By no means do I believe this scheme is the only accurate one. I suspect the A scheme was also used. Maybe more so.
  9. "the windows on the other side aren’t windows" Those unmasked? I believe lower was metal, the other painted over. Could be for those operated in the desert, as the one I built.
  10. I'm not exactly sure which one you are referring. Is it the small triangular mask? It was included in the Eduard mask sheet.
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