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  1. Ahaa.Wondered what happened to you..Not been on since so have had to redo the password milarky...Very nice work there and dont be so long away in future..Some of us have been waiting for an update I am sure....... Keep smiling keep safe and stay alive thats the main thing.
  2. All quiet from this camp.....Come on Terry you've not binned it have you? We are on tender hooks here ..Hows the floor?.
  3. Half the problem here is solving what has gone wronge which you have. Now its time to fix it up....Dont worry about us lot we are awaiting progress with baited breath but we can wait.I had people waiting 10 years for an update on mine and still they are hanging on even though I sold it..We are getting emails when you post so take your time..Good luck..Ian.
  4. That would get the tonges wagging..................................Sounds good actualy..
  5. Not sure what happened there but I only wanted to say that once... Now then--Pocher-motorbike seat-MGB welding come on......Send me your address I could do with a six month working holiday.....-----Me on holiday that..Yee haa..
  6. Good to know.....As we get older we get more dedicated hey?---We should never stop learning otherwise we are done for.
  7. Good to know.....As we get older we get more dedicated hey?---We should never stop learning otherwise we are done for.
  8. We will all learn from this build as it gos on hopefully...I learn something new every day and I'm 70.....Oh thats not me on the avatar by the way thats my late in laws..Nice picture my wife puts on Facebook every year and I havnt the heart to change it. Keep at it Terry YOU WILL FINISH THIS POCHER and you will be proud of it....You've got a lot further than I did and like I say "You learn something new every day"
  9. Tremendous....I think the one I sold has gone to an enthusiast like you but hes never sent me an update. I know he will when its finished....I would say the fit of the shell with the bonnet and firewall was what was putting me off for years then I noticed the firewall was ajustable and kicked my own butt...[Bear in mind that bit was built when I bought it] Keep at it....I know you will succeed...Ian.
  10. Nice one.....Your doing just great..Will follow this build very carefully to see what could have been on my bench...Ian.
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