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  1. Woof. Six weeks of a complete lack of ambition to do... well, anything, and I'm finally getting back to this. The coaming is painted, though I'll have to sand off some of the primer so I can attach the canopy rail later one. One of the main gear bays is assembled and installed. The second one has a pipe running along a wall that needs to be painted first, and that'll require painting the rest of the bay. I hope to have those done and installed today. Lots of really good work has been posted here in the last month and a half. I do plan on getting this done by the end of
  2. Done with the missiles. Eight should be enough to cause trouble. Would've been 10 if I hadn't ruined a couple stripe decals for the R-73s. The EW pods will have to suffice. Next up will be: Painting the coaming and attaching the cockpit Landing gear bays (nose and mains) Joining the fuselage halves
  3. I lost a friend of mine over the holiday weekend and the urge to do anything pretty much vanished. Today was trying to move on. Decaling the missiles, and it's pretty big source of stress. I think it's probably the last time I try and put on all the weapon decals. The R-73s on the right are done. I lost two of the double-stripe decals to them folding inwards on each other, so this is getting two instead, plus the wingtip EW pods. The bottom R-27 is done, and the rest will follow suit tomorrow. The R-77s need gray nose cones, and less decals than the rest -
  4. Taking a moment to do armament. Well... many moments. Assembled and mounted on toothpicks for painting. Primed with black Stynylrez. Masked the first R-27 after painting the fins with Vallejo Metal Color Steel. Then sprayed with Tamiya X-2 Gloss White. I was not expecting it to take so long to paint one of these, but masking the fins for the white edge isn't really a party. Three to go. The R-77s and R-73s will go much more quickly.
  5. That cockpit looks terrific. Nice start!
  6. Pleased with this, hacked-up throttle and all.
  7. Tamiya XF-80 Royal Light Grey for the cockpit. Seats and sticks. Badger Stynylrez primer is good enough for flat black things. The pictures I found of the seats showed a black leather seating surface so I brushed on a few layers of Tamiya X-18 Semi-Gloss Black. The belts are XF-80 Royal Light Grey and the padding is XF-53 Neutral Grey. The handles are Vallejo Model Color Red, and it's very hard to see, but there are a couple of drops of Vallejo Metal Color Silver for the harness buckles at the bottom. Waiting on paint to dry so I ca
  8. I was initially planning to do the Hasegawa 1/72 version but I want to get better with painting before I build mine, so I can give those exhaust nozzles the attention they deserve. Excellent choice! I'll be watching this with interest. There's a set of videos on YouTube of the guy from someone building this kit and he does some outstanding work, only to be let down by the decals in the end. Said the carrier film was thick and they stuck out like a sore thumb.
  9. The surface details on this are just lovely. The ejection seats are assembled and primed. The cockpit tub is primed, as are the instrument panels. Small mishap when attaching the throttles, as one of them launched off the end of the tweezers into god-knows-where. This was looking like it was going to end up being a rare single-throttle variant, but some inspiration struck. I had picked up some 1mm x 0.8mm styrene sheet in order to make replacement actuator arms for the exhaust nozzles for the F-15 I'm building on the side, and I figured I could hack up a r
  10. Starting on this as soon as work wraps up for the day. There are many parts in the box. And it is a big boy, for 1/72. Been itching to build a Flanker for a while now. This one gets to be the guinea pig. I want to get better with painting before I get around to the nice -33 and -35S kits.
  11. It was super windy yesterday and knocked out power to ~270k people in the area, including me. For 26 hours. No airbrush, no lighting... not a lot of building. Just finalizing some cockpit things. Seat is brush painted with Badger Stynylrez black primer, Tamiya XF-51 Khaki Drab for the seat cover, and Vallejo Model Color Light Green for the oxygen bottle. The intake ducts have cutouts so the main gear bays can extend up into the ducts. That's the attachment point for the ducts. Just all sorts of bad feelings
  12. That splinter scheme came out really well. Nice job!
  13. An inauspicious start to this build. I'm not enjoying this kit so far. The decal for the instrument panel fought my every effort to position it, and the far left and right sides ended up folding under themselves. I dropped it back in the decal cup there, unfurled it as best it could, and any attempt to remove it resulted it in curling back on itself. I ended up dropping the whole panel in there and applying the decal underwater, and the result is acceptable enough for a closed canopy build. Decal 15 there had a similar issue but I was able to straighten it out and lift
  14. Jealous! I think that box art shows KI Sawyer-based birds, which would've been there when I was born.
  15. I have this kit and an overtrees box in the closet. Eager to see what kind of experience you have with it.
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