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  1. Count me in too. Probably the only plane I've ever built or will build is a 'Cat.
  2. OUTLAWWWWW. Such a nice kit that isn't built to often. The racing ain't half bad either, for roundy roundy stuff.
  3. Email sent Paul. Let me know what else you may need. Cheers, Sean
  4. Paul, any chance you could print a set of decals up if I shoot you a jpeg over. If you can help I'll pass over the measurements and file. Cheers, Sean
  5. Count me in. Have any amount of stuff here, might even try a wingy thing.
  6. Count me in, have a few lying here that I've been planning on doing
  7. Would recommend you get them Viper, real nice easy build to get rid of the old modellers block. The wheel width is 10mm.
  8. Based on the photo's and comments here and the fact that I haven't actually built anything in about 8 months I picked up these 2 little beauties earlier to break myself back in: As the boss man has already got a little review of the DBR9 going I plumped for the Jag. As a comparison I pulled out the 1:24 Renaissance DBR9 I have here. As is obvious these are a rather compact little offering, but none the less have a surprising level of detail. The proportions of the Aston sit pretty well in comparison to the larger and dearer option (see north of £100). Having nothing to compare the Jag
  9. If you want rid of the trailer and car out of the kit, I'll be glad to take them off your hands.
  10. Shows just how strong these are built.
  11. Think I'll watch this one, been toying with the idea of doing the 13th company for a while now.
  12. Awesome is not an awesome enough word to describe how awesome this is!
  13. I'll go with HMS Bellerophon. Was gonna plump for one of the Queen Elizabeth class, but Bellerophon just sounds so much cooler.
  14. I'll counter both claims with Bridget Regan. For those that don't know she's the babe in Legend of the Seeker.
  15. Count me in too. Got a whole heap of 40k stuff to build. Might even attempt the Millennium Falcon kit I have kicking about too.
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