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  1. Thank you very much Thank you! yeah, I think so... not sure it was worth it though...I still wish there was a better alternative to do a better job. cheers
  2. Totally Agree! Hasegawa is constantly pretty good in my opinion. In fact, when young, before I discovered Tamiya, Hasegawa was my favourite brand. Always loved their instructions! Hi Kev67, I really understand your concerns regarding backing the British industry but that is a complete different subject. Is always sad, seen industries (and jobs) get dismantled and moved to different countries just because someone is running a business and making all the money! Now, about Airfix. Mate, I don't doubt your thoughts about the Buccaneer and the Wellington been "great" kits
  3. Hi Josip. I don't think the issue has nothing to do with the fact they are made in India. It has been mentioned before there are many different countries involved in the process so if any, the fault is the bad quality control at the top. Who ever is in charged of that is doing an appalling job, wether is in China, India or the UK. I actually also think Airfix has no intention on doing a better job, they are happy in the place they are because they know their fan base will continue to purchase their kits based purely on Nostalgia. I think they have been around almost longer than any
  4. I see... thank you Horatio...I will see if I can fix this. cheers Jorge
  5. Thanks Horatio, I'm glad you like it About the stains...I've checked many war time photos (as I always do in any of my builds) and almost all of them show a greyish exhaust stains over the wings... In some instance they even reached the horizontal stabilisers at the back. cheers jorge
  6. looks amazing. Love the finish and paint work. Beautiful
  7. Thanks aerotechi. Glad you like it. To be honest I think I won't be doing any other airfix kit. I reckon I'll be able to find any subject I'm looking done by another manufacturer and chances are it will be a better option anyways . And even if I can't find an alternative I rather not do it at all!. In my book Airfix is not worth the money, time or effort. I absolutely dislike the whole experience, from the box, the plastic, the terrible instruction booklet and so on. I don't have good memories of some Academy and old Monogram kits but in all my years modelling I don't rememb
  8. Hi Robertone139, thank you! yeah i like the weathering too, although sometimes I'm wondering if I went to patchy and I should've done an extra thin layer of paint to uniform everything The flaps came with the kit...no aftermarket Hi Kev67. Not sure what is the reason for the mediocre quality. You may be right, but aren't almost all company do the same up to an extent? Design in one place, manufacture in China etc etc etc? I don't want to keep blaming Airfix but, I won't be building any other kit from them. I rather have fun and not a bad time... cheers
  9. Hi Jan, Happy you like the model ...here is a work in progress photo of the riveting process: cheers
  10. Thank you!. I was trying to make the stressed skin effect onto those surfaces by using some greyish washes and very contrasted black paint in the centre of the panels. Not sure if I succeeded with the effect but I do like the dark black colour.
  11. Thank you!...me neither this was my first encounter with a stinky kit! Thanks! yeah didn't like the kit at all....sorry. Thanks for the info regarding Skellingthorpe. Thank you very much! Thank you Chris, good luck with your one, hopefully your building experience is better than mine. Thank you!
  12. LaurieS, that is a fantastic diorama and fantastic photos!. Beautiful work
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