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  1. Thank you billn53! I really enjoyed this build, the camo was complex but a nice challenge...and no matter how much I try to model in 1/48 I keep coming back to 1/72. Current ratio is 1 to 8. I just love that scale! cheers
  2. Very cool!, unusual looking plane and very attractive scheme and colours!. Love it
  3. Yeah, there's so many good photos online on the F-5 and the sundowners one is really a great reference. Amazing aircraft! I may do another...
  4. Hi Paulaero, thanks for commenting. yeah that reference photo looks very clean. But I have many others photos of the same scheme or similar that were much dirty with more distinct panel lines. I put that one at the beginning because of the same perspective/angle of the one of my model photos. Seems to me that plane was just painted with that scheme hence looking so clean? Here some of my other references photos, were the panel lines are much visible: cheers
  5. Yeah, I agree. It’s a tricky situation. Sometimes, when in the mood, and if the panel lines are way out of scale I filled them and re-scribe them to something a bit better, but I don’t do that too often. More likely I use a lighter wash colour so it blends better with the rest without been too contrast. Too me, washed panel lines always looks better than clean ones...
  6. Thanks, Vultures1. Yeah, the HobbyBoss kit is certainly not the best. Probably the worst part was the air intakes fuselage junction. But again for $12 it builds pretty well . And I agree, the camo scheme helps a lot!. Thank you! Hi Alex, thanks! Well you may have a point there. But if you look to the first two images you'll see the model does not look too far off the original regarding the panel lines. You have to think also I'm taking a photo of a model less than a meter away were as the real aircraft is been photograph at a much longer distance wh
  7. Thank you Luka! yeah, aggressor colours are pretty cool ! Thank you Tbolt!
  8. Hi binbrook87, you are absolutely right! At 12$ Australian dollars this kit is a real bargain, so not much to complain about at that price! And yes, aggressor schemes are always so attractive! Thank you Mike! yeah I think it looks not too different to the reference image I had. And it was quite a fun build and paint overall. I really love this little 1/72 kits! Thank you very much! happy you liked it.
  9. WOW such a good job with those metallics! if you don't mind asking what paints did you used? Beautiful work
  10. Looks great to me! cool looking plane. And at 1/48th is massive!
  11. It looks fantastic! awesome work. I don't ever remembered been interested in this aircraft before but your work has changed my mind. I think it's a beauty! B E A U T I F U L !
  12. Thank you! Glad you liked it and thanks too for taking a look at my website thanks for looking and for the comment. Happy you liked it.
  13. Hello, Here goes another little bird in 72nd F-5E Tiger II Adversary - VFC-13 Fighting Saints Fighter Squadron Composite (VFC-13) Saints is a US Navy fighter squadron that provides adversary training for U.S. Navy air wings at NAS Fallon, Nevada. The unit's mix of 23 F-5E, F-5F and F-5N aircraft are all painted in a variety of colorful adversary schemes of blue, gray, or brown camouflage. Fighter Squadron Composite (VFC-13) Saints is a US Navy fighter squadron that provides adversary training for U.S. Navy air wings at NAS Fallon, Nevada. The uni
  14. Fantastic Job! Beautiful. Very cool F-16 and interesting scheme . Bravo!
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