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  1. I've bought several of these racks and after being very pleased with them, I have just bought another couple. Very easy to build, quality and a good price.
  2. Quality modelling there Sir! Thanks for the base supplier info too, been looking around for something like that.
  3. As the title states. where do you guys purchase your paints from which provide the best prices for the UK for the popular manufacturers? I've found some which have good prices, but have a limited range and others with ridiculous prices with Tamiya XF series at £4.49 each.
  4. That's really cool model, love the figures as well.
  5. Looking really nice. will look forward to seeing your further progress!
  6. Just found this if it is useful: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pulgadas.hobbycolorconverter&hl=en_GB&gl=US
  7. Which I hadn't read this part of the thread... one on the way to me too
  8. Just love it!! The diorama is amazing too!
  9. Just superb. Who would have thought that Popsicle sticks could be that good in a model!
  10. Amazing work - can't wait to see this progress further!
  11. Very nice! Love the diorama too. Are Zvezda kits generally good as they are seemingly good value for money?
  12. Great looking build so far! This is a tank I want to add to my stash soon. Which kit would you guys recommend as the best example in 1:35 to look at? This one Panzair is building or any other kits out there?
  13. Love the weathering. For a kit that old, you've done her proud.
  14. Just thought I would say hello after, I must admit, lurking for about one month being insanely jealous of the modelling skills that I have seen so far. I have only just started modelling over the last couple of months, so I am finding the expertise and knowledge on here invaluable so far. Looking forward to trying to improve on the first three kits that I have built so far, Airfix Lightening, Meng King Tiger and Tamiya Elefant. I think vehicles might be my thing, if I could only master the tracks! Anyway, thanks for letting me join
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