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  1. hi again, to present some advances related. basic detail made from fine wire and clean the old airwaves parts... every union with superglue and 5 minutes epoxi. a really hard work fit the peewer parts the access doors will be done with disposable plate plastic, like a sandwich, plastic-transparent-plastic the detail with fine wire (more will be added after the final touch an the paint (model master and humbrol used) thanks for your comments and a ques
  2. thanks for your words, I´ll keeping updates as work avances. regards
  3. the colours used have some variantions, but check this forum, to my criteria is the best info: A-4P Skyhawk Camoflage references regards
  4. Ok, thanks for the info, a detail I didn´t know. the tone seems like the car tinted windows.....
  5. A proyect taken again this holy week time, after more than 10 year stored in a shelf corner. The oldie Airfix AH1 1/72 planned to be a Falklands war subjet. Also the Airwaves weapons set was selected, but due the metalic material adds a lot of weigth to the thin plastic skies something must be do. details and questions as follow: 1. cut the access doors has shows some real photos ( is posible the 4 doors were descarted during the war ?) 2. make the undercarriage skies with thin steel rod, available in some handcrafts stores. the partes were fixed with 2
  6. Hi guys, is time to share some images of a commisioned built, the excelent Revell 1/32, Panavia Tornado GR1. this was a out of the box built. only some scratch were used in the cockpit. the wing glove edge and some critical points were reforced with steel wire and 2 part epoxy glue to prevent the thin plastic became broken due mechanical efforts. the subjet was painted using some preshading, and the final coat with model master US dark tan lightening with white, some spots with humbrol #250, pastel chalks as usual. decals were excellent and reacted very well to solvaset. gloss coa
  7. They bought 3 machines from Bristow Helicopters stocks and serialed 063, 064 and 065 from 1991, actually they are out of servcice.
  8. H, just to show you a model built during the pandemic enclosure time. This is the Italeri Westland Wessex built as a Mk.60 version used by the Uruguayan Navy (Armada Uruguaya) the scale 1/72. has been built out of the box with the addition of some Mk60 details, like radome, extra windows, external fuel tank. Paints used were from the Humbrol range. decals came from the FCM latin american dedicated sheet. hope you like. cheers from Central America...
  9. Hi, I share with you the lastest photos of the decaling process of the classic Heller Fouga Magister 1/72 built in El Salvador Air force version, the kit has been built out of the box, only reescribing panel lines and adding some seat details, pylons and nose gun from spare parts of the special hoby kit (the Zephyr kit) The version represented is the camouflage used by the last 3 bought in France, late 70's. colours humbrol and model master, applied free hand. decals form the spare box. I apologize no photos of the whole proccess due a camera crash, but no new tricks used, as
  10. thanks for yours welcomes, well keeping contact and building kits.
  11. nice advance, wich colour is recommended for the bomb bay and wheels wells of some Breguet planes like the Atlantique keeping watching advances
  12. HI, adding more info related to the FAS corsairs, here is at least for me the most accurate painted model, built by a fellow Salvadorian modeller, take notice that no arresting hook is notherworthy. check the link MODELISMO PLASTICO SALVADOREÑO GALERIA cheers. Carlos
  13. HI, it's a pleasure to introduce myself to all modellers. My name is Carlos Escalante, actually I'm living in Guatemala City, as a modeller since the 80's. Also a IPMS/Guatemala club member since its inceptions. My modelling interests areas are the post war planes and helicopters, with emphasis in the so called small air forces. the Israel Air force, the WW1 central empires planes and lately the Spanish Civil War. sometimes some real space kits are included. fell free to ask any question related to latin american and small air forces, it's a pleasure to help has the IPMS statute
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