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  1. This is absolutely stunning. I remember seeing these in person and yours just looks like the real thing. Do the decals come from Italeri, or are they aftermarket? um grande abraço
  2. I’m bracing before I start this kit. So many bad stories…but your result shows that it can be done.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I will get this fixed and try to remember for future builds.
  4. I think the result is fantastic in every way, with special mention to the natural metal finish. And knowing that every little window had to be carved out from the solid plastic, to think that of the three options you chose the one with most windows makes it "extra". Bonus points for difficulty. re: "although it wasn't the easiest due to fuselage flex and copious amounts of filler" - I feel your pain. Someone should print a T-shirt "I built the Matchbox Privateer and survived" Any chance you could show a photo of the underside? Or is it attached to the base?
  5. The story in the decal sheet is that the initial black (without the bunny) was an evaluation of the camouflage. This was not successful, but they kept it after the trial end. I have also read that when the bunny head was added, and in fact the Playboy lawyers complained that it was incorrect, and insisted that this was corrected or removed.
  6. BTW I received a reply from Jennings at Funkdecals, and they don't have any information about the stencils I Black Bunny...
  7. Thank you for the reference, but alas, no mention to Vandy 1. This was an experimental all black camouflage which ended up not being widely used, but became iconic on its own right. Given the black background, I think VX-4 had to apply corresponding stencils in light colours. But I have reached out to the people at Funkdecals in the hope that they will have come across some documentation.
  8. And here is another question you could only get asked in this forum. I am well advanced in my F-4J. One thing I noticed in the references is that all the CAUTIONs are not white, but yellow, and WARNINGs red. The Furball decals have these words white, but I managed to fix this with application of floor polish tinted with clear acrylics. but this made me wonder about the proper colour of the NO STEP and NO PUSH stencils on top of the wings. I could not find any pictures showing the top of the wing of 3783. Would anyone know whether these were likely to be white (as they currently stand).
  9. This is a really lovely model, congratulations. I have used the Academy aircraft stand with success for a large model (1/48 Tomcat). The trick really will be make sure that the slot for the stand is exactly at the centre of gravity so there is no tendency to drop the nose or tail. Academy AERO DISPLAY STAND Plastic Model Kit #15065. I am also planning to build a 1/72 Valkyrie, so interested in hearing what solution you ultimately find works.
  10. Thank you . I look forward to seeing the Shimakaze, which I think is a really good looking ship
  11. Please, please, just let us know the exact paint number you used for the dayglo orange. a picture of the jar or link to a site even better. I want to know for the day I try to do something similar.
  12. Very nice; I like how you captured the weathering pattern precisely
  13. There’s never too many navy blue planes. If it is a Cougar even better.
  14. Fantastic work. The weathering of the hull in particular, concluding the "sludge" just above the waterline. What photos did you use for reference there?
  15. Looks like the real thing to me. Just perfect.
  16. I don't have an answer for that, but let me say that I discovered Pascoe just on the dumb assumption that any floor polish liquid would do the same. Just went to our local hardware (Bunnings) and got what they had. I tested it on spare sprue, and it worked. This being the case, it may be just a matter of trying what you can buy in your local hardware chain, and testing it. something like this?: https://www.lowes.ca/product/floor-polish/rejuvenate-all-floors-restorer-727779 If it does not work, it is not a big expense, and you can always use it at home...
  17. I did not use aftermarket parts, but did feel compelled to change things. The main problem, which as far as I know is not addressed by aftermarket, are the wing root pneumatic seals (or, should I say, the lack thereof). I could not find any alternative other than scratch building using evergreen. The leading edges of the wings also have an unnatural gap, which need to be "smoothed". All the rest can be done with aftermarket parts (although, being the cheapskate I am, I did try to "enhance" the wheel wells with wire and evergreen...).
  18. At what step you did this? I guess, after the first metallic layer was dry but before applying the mask?
  19. Fantastic model. But this plane must have been hard to land, with such a long "nose" and not having the Corsair's gull wings!
  20. Thank you for this. I have not tried the Vallejo acrylics, but may try it before I start a more ambitious project (a B-36). I did use a gloss black primer (Alclad), and as I mentioned the chrome silver (Tamiya enamel) is staying put. My problem is coming from the next layers not staying adhered to the chrome silver (doing this to give some burned appearance around the engines).
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