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  1. Perfect! I have many decals for RMAF´s birds.
  2. I built one few years ago. Great kit. Last August I was in Ilmavoimat museam. I enjoyed a lot.
  3. A plane model without stencils is the same as a garden without flowers.
  4. I´m looking for the "Jag Killer" decals.
  5. Still going.. http://www.phpshopxml.com/azimut.shop/
  6. Last week I bought a TC 610H Plus and I having some issues with it. This is normal to happen ? https://www.facebook.com/100010346317231/videos/890749764613226/?t=4
  7. This sheet from DP Casper is nice but they forgot the serial number for the nose of the chopers.
  8. You welcome. I have pics of the white huey. We can see the red cross on the belly of the choper.
  9. Great Scooter ! I have one on my stash.
  10. Chilean Grupo de Aviacion numero 7 - grey and green scheme - 1973, please.
  11. What the red text says ? New decals ?
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