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  1. Thanks! Received their email and will be placing an order.
  2. Europapete, I am not finding this offer on the Silver Wings site. Can you please provide a link?
  3. Any insights on Czech bomber interiors? I am guessing that French bombers in Czech service would be pale blue gray?
  4. I agree Alan. We are on the same page.
  5. The aircraft in Oakland was owned by the Grant family and is indeed a Solent III. Kermit Weeks owned (owns?) a different aircraft. I live only an hour from the Oakland aircraft and once lived only 5 minutes from the museum.
  6. I am DEFINITELY interested in a copy. Do you have a timeline and cost for the set? 1509 looks great on Jarrett’s book cover, but as on so many, will need to fabricate those complex exhaust pipes.
  7. Thank you. Yes, our local hobby store paint selections have changed quite a bit in the last few years. The kit will be a modified S.79. Beautiful work on the Caproni.
  8. Very nice work! What color was used for the "Cream" sides? I am about to start an Italian airliner of that period.
  9. WOW! thanks for pointing out this mind-blowing build. Kudos to Tomasz, the artisan. Lone Star Models did (does?) an outstanding interior upgrade for the kit in resin. Sadly they are temporarily shut down. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/lone-star-models-lsm-30386-f4b-4-cockpit-set-hasegawa--1152292 https://lonestarmodels.com/
  10. Wonderful image and topic. Thanks for sharing.
  11. On May 6, the following appeared on the web site. "We would like to officially confirm that our 1/32 Gloster Gauntlet Mk II is available for purchase. All pre-orders will be shipped within the next two weeks. New orders can be placed via our website www.silverwings.pl or directly via e-mail silverwings@silverwings.pl." Any update on shipping status?
  12. Any updates on the shipping date? Web site said the end of March, but then of course so many items (and subcomponents) have been delayed these days.
  13. Thanks for the replies. sounds like Siskin & Bulldog in NIVO. Others in black. I know that at least a few group leader FAA aircraft had upper decks in the squadron color, but some photos of III.F seem to show a lighter (NIVO?) color. Was there any experimentation?
  14. I apologize for the NOOB question but have not been able to locate answer in searches here or RAF directives. With the exception of the Bristol Bulldog, was NIVO used for anti-glare on the upper decking of any other silver aircraft? I have seen photos of Fairey III.F and other single-engined aircraft that look more like NIVO than black.
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