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  1. Thank you Guenther, I am going there right away. Christophe
  2. Thank you, will do just that. Chris
  3. Good evening all, Hope you are all keeping well and safe. I have just made a start on Eduard 1/48 Albatros D.III Oeffag 253. There is a little bit of info with the kit about the rigging but nothing too detailed and I was wondering if anyone of you has any good info on that? Thank in advance, Christophe
  4. Thx Dimmy, and as a coincidence, I just found the top picture that you posted a few minutes ago! Looks like it's a go then, but still there seems to be no certainty that it was white and some have said that it could have been a very light gray... Christophe
  5. Hi everyone, While preparing and researching my next subject, Zvesda 1/48 Messerschmitt BF 109 F-4, I noticed that one of the two options proposes a somewhat unusual camo scheme (Black 1, Oblt. Max-Hellmuth Ostermann, 8./JG54 Grunherz in Russia in May 1942). It seems that only half the fuselage has received the white distemper camouflage (portside) as well as randomly applied to the wing surfaces... As anyone any pictures validating this scheme as I have not been able to find any yet? Any help will be very appreciated as usual, and I wish you all a great week-end. Christophe
  6. Thank you Mike, this answers the question nicely (and I am glad that I painted the aft portion of the airplane "Chromate Yellow", as I have seen them painted interior green as well...) Christophe
  7. Hi all, I am currently building Accurate Miniatures B-25 Mitchell, in its "Dirty Dora" scheme and I have not been so far able to find out what color the inside of the engine cowlings were... My best guess would be some sort of grey but if anyone here has the answer I would be very gratefull! Cheers, Christophe
  8. Good day all, I am building Accurate Miniature (or Pro-Modeller) SB2C-4 Helldiver in the Atlantic scheme and I have chosen the below subject: The question that I have for this particular subject is; what color could the sliding part of the canopy be? It is obviously a different color from the Dark Gull Grey... My theory would be that it is a replacement and be might from a plane with either the 3 tones camouflage (pacific) or the overall Glossy Sea Blue. What are you thoughts gentlemen? Thx Christophe
  9. Hi all, Tamiya P-47M back dated to a P-47D-30-RA, from the Escuadra 201 of the Mexican Air Force in the Philippines circa 1945. Decals Aztec Decals, otherwise from the box.
  10. PhilChris

    Mig 15

    Thank you all for you valuable input and information. Christophe
  11. PhilChris

    Mig 15

    Thank you Flankerman, I am also looking for some details such as wheel wells, airbrake fairings, etc.. Christophe
  12. PhilChris

    Mig 15

    Ok, stop shooting! I am mainly looking for details info such as cockpit colors. wheel wells colors, etc.. for a machine operated by the Chinese during the Korean war... Thank you, christophe
  13. PhilChris

    Mig 15

    Good evening all, While i am home for a few days, I am planning my next build and my eyes fell on the Tamiya Mig 15 1/48, there lost in the stash... Between dozens of WWII models....! Now I have received some of Vallejo new metal colors and I really want to have a go with them. So I decided that my winter built should include those paints... But I have no info on the Mig 15... So, HELP!!!!
  14. Mike, Thanks, and you might have opened a can of worms, but certainly an interesting one! You see, I was thinking that I was going with a simple (!) option as Tamiya MK-Vb Trop has been available for a long time and I though that it was a given fact... Obviously more to it than I thought! I would probably go for the possibility that BR487 got replacement wings at some point? Must have been on strength at No. 417 Squadron at some point? Anyone with the key to the holy Grail? Christophe PS: might be that BR487 is really BR483 and Tamiya did not get the right serial No... As I have no picture that shows the portside, where the serial No. is not hidden by the plane individual code...
  15. So Mike, according to this website, AN-V serial is BR483 and it was a MK-Vc... Tamiya has it as AN-V serial BR487, an MK-Vb... so obviously not the same wing as well. Not the same airplane I guess? Christophe
  16. Thanks Mike, I am always amazed of the depth of response this forum always provides! Anyway, great info and now on to the modelling! Cheers from the Philippines, Christophe
  17. Thanks Mike, the aircraft chosen is actually AN-V a MK.Vb, as per second picture. The first picture was there for information purpose only. Christophe
  18. Well, thank you all, lots of food for thought though! I think that I will be going for underside color (Azur Blue) for the wells and the legs as shown on AN-T... Even if AN-T is a Vc and AN-V a Vb, it is feasible to believe that they were operating at the same time and would have had similar colors. Then again, as mentioned by Tony, variations seem to be the order of the day, and having no pictures of AN-V on his legs... Christophe
  19. Yep, I will be doing AN-V, I was just curious about the wheel wells color in particular. Christophe
  20. Thank you Tim, that's what i thought too but the below picture kind of confused me as the landing gear legs are the same colore as the underside: Thx, Christophe
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