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  1. I may be wrong here (I'm willing to stand corrected) but, as I recall, it was the rotor tip jets that caused most of the noise? However, as the rotor was only used for landings and takeoff (auto rotating in forward flight) would the aircraft really have been much noisier than any other aircraft during approach? I'm hoping this does get released because I want to finally build my Fairey/Westland Warhammer AT-AT (Armed Tactical Assault Transport). Sort of Vietnam Spooky-ish! John
  2. Just keep taking the meds!! . A decent tooling in the one true scale(1/72) with all the aforementioned options WOULD be nice though! John
  3. All of which I consigned to the bin anyway!! . Other than what I considered unnecessary interior detail, I don't reckon there is much between them. Airfix kit was a better fit overall though. Whatever, I'd be happy to see EITHER kit available again. John
  4. And that, I think is the nub of the matter. For anybody frightened of having to actually do a bit of work, they better look elsewhere! John
  5. Translated into English, that probably means "No"! Typical official answer. Says plenty but, tells you nothing John
  6. Spartacus - Gods of the Arena Blood and Sand Vengeance War of the Damned Ok. A bit lurid and OTT but my partner and I loved every minute of it! (Personally I think she was really only interested in these muscly men displaying their deadly weapons but, what the hell) John
  7. I have to say, I wasn't all that impressed with The White Princess. Frankly, I was bored! Just didnt grab my attention at all. I have however been binge watching Rome again! Regardless of historical accuracy or otherwise it was great fun.
  8. Well, at least we can agree on hating "Strictly"! Unfortunately, my better 'alf loves watching various incarnations of "Housewives"! Every time I see that collection of howling, screaming harpies I wish for a machine gun and, a case of grenades!! . She is banned from watching it when staying with me!
  9. A reasonable point. However, For "relevant history", I'd substitute "commercial viability". I don't recall, for example, a plethora of kits commemorating the Centenary of the Battle of Jutland. John
  10. Hell, I'd settle for the old one as a Vintage Classic! John
  11. My partner works for Aldi and, she hates Christmas too!!, Mind you, she has already bought my present from Wonderland in Edinburgh. All she said was its 2 big, red Airfix boxes! I should perhaps not protest so loudly!! John.
  12. I seriously think its a very reasonable question, especially when having to fork out a fairly high price for the new kit and/or one may not be familiar with the older model. Comparing models is something we do all the time. The old kit looked every inch an SR-71. Worked for me anyway. Yes, I agree a Yf-12 would be nice as would a single seat A-12. However, the latter would require, at very least(among other changes) a whole new fuselage forward of the wing? John
  13. In addition to my earlier post about Christmas, I'd like to nominate all those people who scream "it's only (insert) days till Christmas" I'm afraid they tend to bring out homicidal tendencies in me! If anyone sees an axe wielding maniac running down a street shouting "Here's Johnny", you'll know what's happened! John
  14. You're right of course and, I guess I'm just as guilty of fantasising! Just thought I'd stir the pot a little. Airfix usually produce something I like so, I'll just sit back and enjoy the fevered speculation. John
  15. Just remembered - Borgen The Bridge (first season anyway) Designated Survivor (well, first two seasons anyway. Think it ran out of steam by season 3) John
  16. Well, just goes to show how different we all are! . I rather liked the character of Tom Zarek though(the late Richard Hatch). A real piece of work! Somehow, I could never imagine that nice old guy, (Lorne Green) from the dreadful original series beating a Cylon to death with the proverbial blunt instrument!! John
  17. Why do modellers equate :"it's the (insert) anniversary of (insert) next year", with production of hypothetical models? Just curious. (pauses to put away winding up handle) Not having a go at anyone and , I enjoy this annual bit of fun as much as the rest of us but, to me anyway it ranks alongside "iconic" and, "no collection would be complete without (insert)" as perhaps not entirely valid kit producing incentives? John
  18. Its the original 60s vintage D3A1 which is now in the Vintage Classics range. John
  19. The Revell kit does of course have one advantage - availability -(or soon will have). It also has the advantage of up to date moulding technology. The Italeri kits, especially the YF-12A are well nigh impossible to obtain at sensible prices. I will certainly buy one of the new kits! . T John
  20. With all due respect, that's a very subjective question and, will really depend on the view of the individual. The older kit is rather basic with limited detail The breakdown of parts made assembly a little tricky but, it built up into a large, impressive (and sturdy) model. I also had the 1/48 YF-12A kit to which the same personal view applies. I'm actually hoping Revell manage to do the latter version at some point. Others will no doubt disagree and, will wax lyrical about "accuracy" etc or, lack thereof. That's fair enough and I respect that. However, I don't bother about such things. I work with what I have. I liked the Italeri kits. John
  21. Not something I would personally consider a problem. Especially with cockpits buttoned up. Wheel wells not really noticeable unless you pick the model up to look underneath. Not something I encourage! . Of course we're all different. For my own personal tastes, it's detailing appears quite acceptable because these interior areas are places where I tend not to expend a lot of effort. John
  22. What's even funnier is that I live closer to the airport than most of the whiners.
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