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  1. Another Masterpiece.!! Great job as usual. Thanks for sharing
  2. Top notch craftsmanship as usual. Very clean sharp looking model without any fault. Another eye candy
  3. Perfect job as usual Julien!. Although I am not a fan of this new candy wrap livery, your craftsmanship as top notch as usual.
  4. Wonderful result and a classic top-notch craftmanship! Great work Dave. Cheers
  5. Hello everyone; I just wanted to share with you my current WIP build, 1/144 Zvezda Sukhoi SSJ-100 In this my first airliner modelling WIP build video blog, You will find two different part. In the first part, I focused on scratch build cockpit, improving standart cabin windows, fuselage, wings and engine assembly, surface preperation (gap filling, sanding), cratch build details (navigation lights, antennas, rain gutters, APU ) In the second part of video you will be watching masking, painting, and decalling steps. Part 3, as a final part, will be on-air in the coming weeks. Any comment and suggestion greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking. Berk
  6. Hello everyone; After many months of work and applying new techniques, finally I call this one finished. I always like the Hapag llyod old livery and think it fits beautifully on 737 As you may know, Revell kit has incorrect engines so I replaced with Braz one. I think it looks like more 737 now. It was my first attempt building clear cabin and cockpit windows. Result is not bad but could have been better. I also added scratch build flight deck and navigation lights. Fuselage painted with Mr. Hobby Gx-1 wings and horizontal stabiliser Mrp Boeing Grey. Vertical Stabiliser Tamiya orange. Metalics are Alclad. Following the decaling step I gave 3 thin coat of Gx-112 as a clear coat. Hope you like it. Thanks for looking Berk
  7. I am really grateful all comments guys. You really encourage me to build more models. I have also soft spot for the Revell 767 also like the shape of the 767 as well. Considering the age of the kit it is flawless and nice to build.
  8. Great work so realistic weathering as well. Excellent craftsmanship.
  9. Great work, brilliant photography. Really like the result.
  10. Considering it is a brush work outstanding result Ian. Great work.
  11. Thank you so much for nice comments guys!
  12. Wow. Looks very sharp. Craftmanship is top notch. Outstanding work. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Hi again This is my 1/144 Revell Boeing 767-300 that I have just completed as a second model of 2022. As you may know Revell kit goes together seamlessly with very little sanding and filling required. Kit however lack of some details. So I had some additions like pitot tubes, engine vortex generators and beacons which is not included kit. I think it looks better now. The decals are Martola and quality is top noch and it has extremely thin carrier film. Cabin windows and windshield decals are from Authentic Airliner decals. Paints used were Mr.Color C156 white for the fuselage, MRP Boeing Grey for the wings and stabilisers. Corogard section is Alclad Dark Aluminium. Metals are Mix of Alclad range. Model clear coated with 5 thin layer of GX-112 and after fully cured polished with Meguiars products. Thanks for looking.
  14. Exceptional work as always Julien. Very clean result and sharp craftsmanship. Photos themself also deserve credit. Berk
  15. Fantastic work. One of the best work on a propeller airliner. Well done !
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