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  1. Gents, this week release: new shoes for another venerable Airfix, the Scammell tractor! Free to download in the 3D72nd creations page in cults3D Now that november is over I´m already working in a few more small scale items for december. Expect further news anytime soon! Once more, thank you for watching! Regards! Alvaro
  2. Ensure you to use a ball tip in your supports trees for avoding them taking off any resin from the printed part. Decide a ball diameter according to your needs and the end of the conical section of the support and insert it halfway into the model. You will see that when removing the support trees those use to break at the start of the ball tip often. The result is that you will have to remove any remains of the protuding half ball in the printed part later but that´s much easier than filling holes left by any support with pin type tip. Regards!
  3. Indeed! We all love to have our printed parts in pristine condition out of the build plate... but it is supposed that removing a print support never should be a problem for a modeller that has been removing kit parts from the sprue trees for a life!
  4. Hi! Firstly, thank you for doubleckecking the LCD is sitting flush with the printer body. I asked that for a reason and it´s because LCD replacement kits -like the Elegoo one- use to have a tempered glass thinner than the original stock one. And while having a thinner tempered glass is not an issue -quite the oposite in fact-, that may lead to LCDs sitting a tad below the printer metal body. And that´s a serious issue always. Secondly, and based on your images and previous comments, I would never -never!- rely on the auto support function. It´s not just that it´s not fa
  5. BTW, and just for confirming, may I ask if the new replacement screen is sitting flush with the printer metal body as per the stock design or is it slightly below?
  6. Cold temperatures may have some effect on the prints but its impact may be relative and variable from case to case. Fact is that the resin releases heat during the cure -it´s an exothermic reaction- and gets warmer -and with less viscosity- as long as the print run progress. Leaving apart the enviromental factors, a few other ones may be preventing you from having a successful print run. For some troubleshoting some images of the object in the slicer and a screenshot of your printer settings would much welcomed me thinks. Regards! Alvaro
  7. Just for the record, I have received some nice pics by Lu Rodriguez of his build of the venerable Airfix Matador with some recent (re)prints of 3D72nd designs. Regards! Alvaro Lu used the already released Goodyear wheels for the lorry and the upcoming set of wheels and ammo boxes for the 5.5" gun. These are some nice views of this vintage kit with new shoes Just in case you are asking, yes... Lu painted the 3D printed parts with a green laquer matching the Airfix styrene colour -!!- A nic
  8. Temma-San is a gifted modeller and a talented designer. His open view on free sharing his files was the inspiration for starting the 3D48th FB group -for quarter scale AFV modellers-. As you may guess, he is a core part of the group and since th every start we followed the same principles that, in short, are as follows: we believe in free sharing, the power of the communities and the continuous improvement of the designs. That´s why we are free sharing the CAD source files and not the .STL printable ones. WE can be wrong but That´s the best way we could think of for making this 3D
  9. Gents, thank you very much for your kind comments! For those wanting to have prints of those designs but with no access to a 3D printer I´m well aware that such issue is for real and it´s of great concern to me but there is no way I could fill such gap I´m afraid. It´s not my intention to become part of the aftermarket business printing for selling in this case. This decision is based on the fact that the time required for that could prevent me from designing new items, no other reason behind. I´m just an ordinary modeller. However, and in an attempt of prov
  10. It´s Matador time! Once more, available for downloading in the 3D72nd creations page in cults3D And next w.e. upcoming release: Scammell !! Regards! Alvaro
  11. That´s the infamous elephant foot and it is caused by the bottom layers higher exposure times. The more you (over)expose the resin, the more it expands. Those bottom layers are always overexposed by definition for ensuring our print sticks to the build plate properly but that comes at a cost of that unwanted side effect. I´m not aware of any trick for avoiding the elephant foot (it´s a resin printing constrain) and the only way to mitigate it is some fine tuning of your bottom layers exposure time. We use to set bottom layers exposure values much higher than required
  12. Hi: For those small scale armour modellers among us interested in 3D printing there you go some free digital items available for downloading. And an upcoming release: All these designs are available for download in the 3D72nd creations page in cults3D Regards and thanks for watching! Alvaro
  13. Hi: While I´m a 1/48th scale AFV modeller mainly I´m rather interested in discovering the boundaries of resin 3D printing and I´ve been doing some 72nd and 76th scales designing and printing pasts months. Here you go my take on some wheels for the ancient Airfix 76th scale Matador. So far I´ve designed four different wheels and tires: 1 --> Generic. Non directional tire pattern. 2 --> Dunlop. Non directional. While this is a quite common tire such unusual non symmetrical tire pattern in the sidewalls still amazes me
  14. It´s not my intention to jihack this thread but just for you all to see what the cheapest home 3D resin printer can deliver. This morning print run results... first printed prototype of a 76th scale ammo box. This is where the development cycle starts. I think this could be an interesting topic for a different post. While I´m a 1/48th scale AFV modeller mainly, I´m also very interested in discovering the 3D printing boundaries so I´ve been doing some small scale -72nd & 76th- designing and printing pasts months. Regards! Alvaro
  15. BTW, we are modellers and I´m for one thinking we need to see to believe... Here you got a closeup image of one 3D print. This is a 1/48th scale sprocket just covered by a very thin airbrushed layer of lacquer paint, no other post processing. No primer, no sanding, no nothing. It´s just painted for better viewing the printed details. I´m not saying everything will print that good because every part is different but I upload such large image on purpose so you can have an idea of what these printers can deliver. I could upload a few other
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