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  1. Looks great,just bought the Tamiya Chieftain mk5 kit for my first venture into armour.
  2. Rad2474


    Deleted - please read the pinned post.
  3. Rad2474

    Crocodile clips

    Not sure if this is the right section to post this in! Was in Lidl today and they are selling the small crocodile clips for £3.99 for 80.
  4. Rad2474


    Hi,building scale models is something i've just got into after wanting to do it for a long time,just starting out on my second model. Something else that I would really like to have a go at sometime in the future is the restoration of metal models especially vehicles like tonka and things like that but i have absolutely no idea where to start in regards to getting spare parts etc. Anyone on here do that sort of thing? Like I said it's something for the future. Thanks.
  5. Takes me back! I used to have an XR3i in sunburst red.
  6. I've just bought the Tamiya Porsche 911 GT3, hope to start on it soon,i'll be happy if it comes out as nice as yours.
  7. Sometimes i think i've go over the top a bit,practice...
  8. My first attempt,just a cheap model to practice with my airbrush and masking,colour scheme and decals are just my idea at something a bit different.
  9. Well I finished my first model build today(actually that's a lie as i built a u-boat about 8 yrs ago) it's a star wars snowspeeder. Just trying to get to grips with using my airbrush and painting and masking. Did my own take on the colour scheme and put a couple of german +'s on to give it a bit of originality.Totally enjoyed building and painting it but it does fall short of the standards on here.
  10. Rad2474


    Hi just introducing myself I'm Paul from Co.Durham. Been lurking around for a little while and scale modelling is something i've wanted to get into for a long time but don't think i'll ever get near the standard of the stuff on here.
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