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  1. On 5/15/2022 at 11:26 PM, Starfighter said:

    I'm not sure if you've noticed, but the funnel cap is on back to front ! Hopefully it should be fairly easy to correct before you go too far .  HTH

    I haven't so thanks for that. as for the repairs, that is not easy at all, so this build is hereby shelved indefinitely. 

  2. Hello everyone,


    sorry for the delay. Sometimes the motivation to upload the pictures is lacking, especially cause it is such a chore as you have to first put m in Imgur and then upload them one by one to the post. So here is a catchup for the last 6 week of work on the funnel and aft hangar. The fit is absolutely terrible as always till now in this build but it works out well enough.







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  3. On 3/1/2022 at 12:30 PM, Alpha Juliet said:

    This would seriously put the fear of God into me!  What adhesive are you using for this?  Thanks and best of luck!

    This would seriously put the fear of God into me!  What adhesive are you using for this?  Thanks and best of luck!



    its a bit late, but for people that are new ish with PE the use of CA gel can help. I use ZAP CA gel for everything I do with PE and it works wonders. The fact of it being a gel means its much easier to dose the application with a needle/toothpick than it would be with the thin ca glues generally sold in modelstores. 

    The work however looks clean and straight so so far all good😄

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  4. On 3/12/2022 at 11:49 AM, Faraway said:

    Had a play with the wooden deck and how it will react to paint.

    Unexpected results, outlined with yellow is X27 Tamiya clear red put on without any masking tape and showing little or no 'bleed'.

    But when I added masking tape, outlined in blue the same paint 'bled' through.

    The red panels without an outline are XF7 Tamiya red which 'bled' even without tape.

    So, I'll paint the red panels with X27 clear red free hand, a couple of coats and then I'll use the white circle decal supplied with the kit for the panel upon which will be the swastika.



    The wooden deck is on and wasn't too bad a fit, although I did have to trim a couple of bits that overhung the sides. Only by a mil or so.

    The turrets and bridge are just dry fitted.


    highly interesting, I will keep this in my mind during my own paintwork decisions regarding that stuff. Yellow turrettops, an interesting choice, ll be interesting to see how it looks like once completed. Do you plan on making the funnel top aluminium color?

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  5. 1 hour ago, S-boat 55 said:

    Quick question all, as you know Graf Zeppelin is a little stripey at the moment, - do i need to now prime her all in black to cover what ive done or will just going straight for the final colour work?


    depends if you still want to use the preshading effect it will give through your paint or not. It will probably remain slightly visible as an effect, so if you want that panel effect then by all means leave it be. IF you do not want that then I would definitely put on a full black coat. My own instinct would say full black, but that is because I rely on postshading instead of preshading. 

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  6. To put it shortly, it has been a while, a month and 3 days to be exact. A nasty covid infection axed me for 2 weeks and then Uni stuff had to be catched up. when I did work I did not take pictures simply cause ever since covid I have been very tired during the evenings. 

    I worked on the superstructure and the weathering of the hull.

    The different levels of the decks have not been glued, just a dryfit. 





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  7. There isn’t much I hate more than painting camo schemes and masking tape. But I have a new candidate for the topspot, leaking masking tape. 

    I will not paint the black and white stripes on the side. Historical accuracy be damned.


    After a lot of touchups, it looked somewhat decent




    it is good to know that with this the most painful part of the build until the rigging has been finished

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  8. 16 hours ago, Jerry L said:

    Extremely happy for you, and it looks great!



    9 hours ago, ArnoldAmbrose said:

    Gidday, I think you can be rightly proud of that paint job, but be careful - that boot topping line looks so sharp you could cut yourself. 🙂 Regards, Jeff.

    Xd I will be careful😂

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  9. I often do not update on the day I finish certain works, but this time I want to share a small piece of work. When I pulled of the masking tape and saw the results of the first 3 layers of paint on the hull I felt elated. I don't think I have ever made a bootstripe this sharp. What also makes me quite happy is the colors, the lower hull turned out with a little variation that will only increase with the red enamel grime I will add. The bowrepairs are concealed, and the putty was indeed smooth. So all in all, a major hurdle taken. Next step will be to put the fake bow, aft, white/black sidestripes on. Still thinking about which color I should use, XF24 or XF63, anyone here experience which one of the two best approximates?





    the stuff on the deck has been coated in xf-19. Meaning the wooden deck can be installed once i have done the rest of the hullpaintjob.

    Stay safe and thank you for you keeping up with this ;





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  10. 18 hours ago, steve5 said:

    great work david . 

    Thanks Steve, I ain't david though 😂

    On to the update. My camera has resumed its rightful job. Lets hope that the strike season is gone with that. 

    A good update.

    I have finished all plating, windows covers, firehoses, stairs and stuff on the first level of the deck. I calculated that I do not have enough lose stairsteps to make the ridges real protruding stairs like I did on the bow. But I have to recount to be certain. If I have enough then I will do that. I have made a start with the plastic parts of the front superstructure. I will include this on the first deck so that it forms one piece. Paintwise this is possible and it d save me a lot of pain and tears if it worked.



    Made my first Paravane
    More detail


    The turret stuff from the other side. That in one heroic battle with the tweezers.
    I did some extra bowrepairs cause well, some pe plating didn't fit. It doesn;t look as smooth on the picture cause of some paint leftovers but it is buttersmooth to the touch. Used a little polystyrene plat this time for the nodge on the tip. 


    Lastly I made a colorpalette, this old tablecloth is slated for replacement anyway so I used it, not tidy, not smart, but it is what it is. As you can see from top left to bottom to right

    german grey
    dark grey
    Nato Black


    I will use the nato black for the boottop as long as the green hue disappears after drying. Indecisive which grey I will use on the steel decks and the fake fake + turret roofs.

    that is it for this time. 

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  11. 8 hours ago, Adm Lord De Univers said:

    The detailing is outstanding. And nuts. But flabbergasting. And pretty insane.


    Looking good! I bet it's quite fiddly at the moment but once done she'll look magnificent.



    It is very fiddly. But the most fiddly bits are yet to come. Once you have done a few bits its mostly repetition so you get some muscle memory. Having a third hand stand with a magnifier also helps a lot. 

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  12. Pogress 07/02


    Still on phone pictures. Done the main part one side of the first superstructuredeck. I need to mount another deck so that I can do some railings too and save myself the trouble of painting twice.


    i have added putty on the bow cause installing a PE piece caused a part to break off. Grrrr about that, but so be it. Fixed it once so can do it again.


    mounted the PE around the high barbettes. Mounted piece of of PE on the bow (2 small plates), will have to check whether the opening for the anchorchain is wide enough.


    have cleared the deck of everything that needs to be cleared. Once the putty is done I can put the hull in a coat of xf-66, do the boottopping, fake bow and sidestripes.


    did a testfit for the superstructure deck. It needs some sanding.




    the detailing is nuts

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  13. On 2/3/2022 at 6:37 PM, Boydie said:

    Good effort so far mate, you're moving quite quickly. As for your PE ladders, when I'm trying to do anything in a straight, I run a bit of masking tape then line up the PE with that, the slow drying super glue gives me time to line it up, maybe this will help in the future for you.

    Till now ive been going leisurely. But I want this thing finished by April 9th to have it participate in a contest. 
    That means time to strap in, clear the agenda, hit the turbo and go go go. Not playing on rushing but definitely gonna be investing a lot of time in this the coming two months. So expect, fast progress. I hope I get it done properly and in time. I won't work faster per hour but ll double or triple the weekly hours invested. Thanks for the PE tip. Other side went much better already without them (didn't see the msg until too late). I wonder if the CA won't get stuck on the tape and cause issues though. 

    In any case I can tease that I have done some hull painting already. Pictures will be here next week cause I didn't have time yet to shoot them. Beyond that, If I find a good model over the weekend I may pause this in favor of something 1/700 so I can do that for said contest.

  14. So, 

    what I forgot to add for what is next is the first efforts in painting. I expect that towards the end of next week I can start doing the Hull Red etc. I need to Mix it, which is the first thing, and then I need to do the top colors. However I may go for a different scheme,


    Which would be this one but then with the Nazi Flags added on bow and stern. 

  15. Yo,


    Back with an update. I work on this multiple hours a week but time is scarce so I do not update the log every time I work on this boat otherwise the log would become a little too timeconsuming. Now that this forum has been christened with a new look its becoming time for me to give my bismarck some colors. The good news is that I am pretty close to finalizing work on the hull, but still some things to be done. 

    So I have done the following things for the past 7 days.

    First I finally got my sanding paper and sponges. So I was able to sand the area around the propellor shafts. Unhappy with the results I put on another thick layer of putty and sanded it again. Its not perfect but on the whole the surface has been brought the equal height and the seems between the parts cannot be felt when going over them so I take that as it being good enough. Its a little splotchy but its the first time I do use putty in this fashion. I got some lacquer thinner to wipe excess putty away when applying instead of sanding it away after drying. This makes the process a lot easier. Additionally i have put the porthole rings on the portholes. Turns out I drilled the upper row of the ones on the bow incorrectly leading to the rings not fitting. I will have to use a little putty there. I also started some light sanding work on deck details that need to be removed on the topsides of certain boxes/parts so that I can mount the PE. 

    PIC A before sanding

    PIC B after sanding

    I replaced the molded steps on one side of the hull with PE steps. Other side will follow. It is the first time I have done this and I don't like the quality of my work. Not straight, inconsistent spacing etc. However, Still and improvement.






    of the first deck I finished applying all the PE plating.






    For the Hangar I finished adding the small details (including even a firehose).




    Adding PE to the hull. I am think whether I want to add the hoists and stuff for paravanes and other equipement on the hull, of which the proper english names alude me, right now or later. 

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  16. 3 minutes ago, ArnoldAmbrose said:

    Which Seydlitz are you referring to regarding being announced, WW1 or this version.

    This one, WWI ships leave me rather cold cause I like lots of superstructure stuffs and dynamics ships whereas WWI tend to be rather flat and empty -> boring to look at to me. 

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