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  1. Thankyou thats a good start
  2. Hi all. In the not to distant future, I'm going to be giving Revells 1/32 Gulf war Tornado Gr1. What ground equipment did they use and is there models of it available? Thanks in advance David
  3. Hi all. I've not done any model building for some time. But I've decided I'll try to give a go again.
  4. This is the same issue I'm about to have as I'm making at the moment. As it says light grey all the images I've looked at on line look as thought the aircraft is a satin white. Needless to say im royaly confused! David
  5. Sorry Firstly if this the wrong place for this. I'm after finding out when this should be relased? http://www.hasegawausa.com/product-pages/hsgs7336.html I just can't seem to find anything. Thanks David
  6. Thanks for links guys. Waiting for the new kit for the dutch one. The Revell kit does have two lots of chin pods one set bigger than the others, but i'll no the others bit arent correct. Will build this one as either US or British Army David
  7. Thankyou for your reply, I had a feeling it'd come back to buying another kit! Maybe xmas pressie idea. If its out before then!
  8. Good evening. I'm about to embark on building Revells 1/48 Apache. In the scheme of The Dutch solo display. Having looked at the pictures i've noticed some differences from the kit. 1, there are pods on the wings and 2, the top of the rotor is different. Any ideas as id like to get it accurate if possible. I no I can buy Hasewagas version when it comes out, but im not spending all that cash for another kit. for a few bits! Thanks in advance David
  9. Looks like I might go for the Hobby Boss kit. I'll be honest the only reason I wanted the Revell one is the fact I wanted the flying bulls decals lol
  10. The exact kit in question is the flying bulls one. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121124806229?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  11. Good evening all, I'm trying to get my mojo back and have been looking at the above kit. Just wondering if it's worth the money? Thankyou David
  12. Hi all just wondering if there are different decals out there I could use on this? Maybe even foreign? Thanks David
  13. davidsm

    spitfire xiv seat

    Ive started to trundle along my quest with my spitfires. Started the 1/48 academy xiv. I cant work the seat colour. Can anyone throw some light on it for me please.
  14. Thankyou all again for all the feed back. I have one more thing to ask! The trainer Spits ie T9 is it possible to model these?
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