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  1. Hi, sorry about that, didn´t know that could be an issue. Images resize and reuploaded. In my other post as well. George
  2. Hi everyone Another one of my latest builds, Eduards Bf110 for my aces collection Excelent kit, its a profipack so small PE sheet used, other than that oob build Airbrushed with AK real colors, weathering with oil paints Heinz-Wolfgang Schnaufer was a German Luftwaffe night-fighter pilot and the highest-scoring night fighter ace in the history of aerial warfare full wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinz-Wolfgang_Schnaufer Cheers
  3. Hi everyone, One of my latest builds, well known Grim Reaper. Build is oob, its tamiya so no problem there. camo colors are Humbrol enamels, rest are AK lacquers. weathering with oil paints And I forgot to do inside framing of the canopy.. well, poo-poo happens
  4. Thank you very much everyone. might as well be G-6 since early G-14 and late G-6 looks the same AFAIK but this aircraft is mostly presented as G-14 so I went with it The kit doesnt have any major flaws but couple of annoying small ones, like prop hub and spinner is slightly bigger in diameter then front of the fuselage, so you have to sand it down, keep it round etc. Also all joints need some putty and for me thats the least favorite part of any kit George
  5. Hello everyone, Bf109 G-14 by AZ model, not a great kit but it was cheap Added small PE set for cockpit and vacu canopy. Decals are by Peddinghaus, which were sadly not very good; you can see thru the white and they have some inaccuracies Also carrier film is not pre-cutted so you have be careful when cutting them out Airbrushed with AK Real colors Weathering done with oil paints and crayons Enjoy! George
  6. Thank you again, I appreciate it very true, I am glad i got this on sale Sadly no and this is the only photo I have from build stage. Apart from main fuselage fit issues, there was major interference with front wheel well and cockpit tub, so a lot of sanding on both sides Its quite a while since I finished it but there are some links I found: Here's how bad the cockpit/wheel well fit is: This thread sums up all the issues i had on the kit, take a look: George
  7. Hello everyone, I'd like to share another one of my builds, early P-38 Added PE set for cockpit even with closed canopy, cockpit from the kit does not look very good. Tried to do some panel color variations but it turned out too subtle to see it on the photos About the kit it self, its bad. The fit is horrible, had to repair multiple panel lines, lots of flash everywere. I know its a short run but still. Decals were good So here it is: One from the build, its the best fit I was able to get. Pretty muc
  8. Hello everyone, Another one of my builds, this time my take on Emil Lang's Fw 190A-5 Kit is Eduard, Grünherz edition. I followed camo pattern from the instructions but colors are RLM 70, 71 and a sand color mixed with RLM 70. Freehand airbrushed with AK Real colors and Humbrol enamel (RLM76) Chipping was done with hairspray and all weathering with oil paints Hope you like it
  9. Thank you everyone for the kind words, I appreciate that Thank you, its a black, brown and white oil paints added in layers or mixed to a needed shade, and a lot of patience, wiping it off and starting again until I get desired effect For the smoke stains I am using flat brushed from Tamiya, no. 3 and 5 with natural hair to blend the colors and create the effect. George
  10. Hello everyone, I´d to share another one of my build from last year. Pretty much OOB, only PE gun sights, scratch seat belts and ladder from my stock Airbrushed with AK real colors, weathered with oil paints hope you like it PS: sorry about my amateur photos
  11. Thank you very much @ kapam It is fully riveted and fit isn´t bad for a shortrun. you get PE set and resin cockpit, engine, wheel wells and barrels in the box And it was 2in1 boxing so definitely worth the money in my opinion But there were two issues: bottom side of both ailerons had depression that needed to be filled (bad moulding i guess) and one side of engine cowling was a bit smaller then the other so putty was needed there. I think the kit was overall pretty good, but some effort is needed to get nice result Hope this helps
  12. Thank you all for your kind commets, I am glad you like it
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