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  1. Thank you very much @ kapam It is fully riveted and fit isn´t bad for a shortrun. you get PE set and resin cockpit, engine, wheel wells and barrels in the box And it was 2in1 boxing so definitely worth the money in my opinion But there were two issues: bottom side of both ailerons had depression that needed to be filled (bad moulding i guess) and one side of engine cowling was a bit smaller then the other so putty was needed there. I think the kit was overall pretty good, but some effort is needed to get nice result Hope this helps
  2. Thank you all for your kind commets, I am glad you like it
  3. Hi, Finally got enough courage to post here Build this about a year ago. It is OOB, only bombs/rockets were added. During this model I bought my airbrush, so it is mostly brushpainted, only the aluminium and black/yellow tail were touched up with the airbrush. I know there are some mistakes and the alu color doesn´t look the part but still, its one of my favorites Enjoy, George
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