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  1. Thanks mate. Now I just have to worry about using PE parts. Never experienced them before. Cheers
  2. Hi gents, I'm after a bit of advice, especially from anyone who's made Tamiya's fantastic new 1:48 Spit Mk 1. Step 1 of the instructions requires you to drill two holes through the right hand engine cowling but for the life of me I can't find anywhere in the instructions where these holes are used. I've recently returned to modelling after 30 odd years so obviously not an experienced modeller and this may well be a stupid question. Does anyone have any idea what these holes are for? I don't really want to drill holes if there's no need to. Thanks,
  3. Welsh Bloke

    Hi all

    Hi all, New member from Neath, South Wales. Returned to modelling for the first time since the Eighties, when I used to do Airfix 1:72 aircraft and Tamiya 1:35 AFVs. Difference is I no longer need to ask my mother if I could spend my paper round money on another kit. At the moment I'm building a Tamiya 1:48 Mosquito FB and enjoying it, that is until I tried fitting the cockpit in and couldn't get the fuselage halves to fit properly. Which is why I joined really though I finally managed it after much sanding. I'm sure I'll have some more questions to ask and this looks l
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