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  1. Fitted the heater hoses. Used Scotch metallic washi tape for the clamps. Next I'll try making the throttle linkage.
  2. So I experimented with shrink-tube over solder for the small heater hoses and it did not work very well. Unless the shrink-tube is very close to the same diameter as the solder, it tends to get wrinkles. But what it did lead me to discover is that the next larger size of solder is a VERY good method of making hoses with tight right-angle bends. It does not kink but makes a beautiful full-radius curve. Painted with a coat of black Vallejo it makes a very convincing hose. I am now experimenting with the best way to make the hose clamps. More to come .... Meanwhile I had purchased a Moloto
  3. Made the steering column and mounted the battery and heater box. Next will be the hoses that run from the bulkhead to the heater valve and heater box. I'm going to experiment with shrink-tube over solder.
  4. Made the radiator fan motor and fan blade. Yes, it really is that primitive .. no twist or camber. More like a lawn mower blade than a fan. Made the torsion bars and installed. The lower suspension a-arms in the kit actually do have the torsion bar hole, but the bars were not included in the kit. Installed my improved steering rack and improved sway bar. The kit has the dampers installed upside down, so I fixed that. I am not planning on having working front suspension so I glued a lot of the joints.
  5. Heavily modified the heater box. Temporarily fitted it and the heater water valve to the bulkhead. The slot in the bottom of the box is part of the air diversion system when not needed in the cabin.
  6. Added the pedal boxes, brake and clutch cylinders, brake reaction valve and the blanking plates for the opposite toe box. Next up; scratch-build the radiator fan motor and heater valve.
  7. First color coat and added the brake booster/master cylinder, reservac and screen wiper motor. I painted the brake booster brass, then a light mist of gold and a mist of aluminum. Made a pretty reasonable cad plating.
  8. Made the brake booster and master cylinder. And, happily, the end of the cylinder ends up just over the subframe diagonal where it is anchored with a small bracket (not made yet).
  9. The e-type has a cylindrical cannister called a reservac mounted on the left kick panel that store manifold vacuum so you can get two or three boosted brake applications even if the engine dies. It is only accessible from underneath, hence the D-shaped opening in the under panel. Not included in the kit, so I had to make one from wood and plastic.
  10. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement guys! Brandy, are you going to start a thread with your MGB build?
  11. Just about done with subframe and bulkhead modelling. Next a color coat and then start adding things like brake booster and vacuum cannister.
  12. Added the radiator fan motor bracket, the rear engine mount bracket and a bracket on the right firewall that actually isn't used for anything on the USA spec cars. Painted the aluminum parts of the engine. Sump fins turned out pretty convincing.
  13. Once I got all the diagonal subframe stringers placed, it became obvious that the kit did not accurately model the underbody plates (which are removable in the real car, but I will keep them fixed).
  14. Added more detail to the starter, fabricated the clutch slave cylinder and the oil pressure sender. Also the core blanking plate at the back of the block.
  15. Hi Paul .... Thanks for the heads-up. I haven't looked closely at the front of the bonnet yet. But I do plan on adding all the inner panels, so I'll probably hack away at the headlamps as well.
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