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Neil Lambess

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  1. Neil Lambess

    1/72 - Short S.1 Cockle by AviS - released

    Imagine skies full of Avro Limpets and Armstrong Witworth Periwinkles !
  2. Neil Lambess

    1/72 - Short S.1 Cockle by AviS - released

    It's been released ...
  3. Neil Lambess

    Shane Rimmer RIP

    Apparently his appearance in Batman Begins with the Scott Tracy esque line " the monorails out of control it's going to crash " was entirely a nod to Thunderbirds. Saddened a lot by his passing .a childhood hero in many ways
  4. Neil Lambess

    Fantastic Plastic: 1/72 UFO Moon Mobile

  5. Neil Lambess

    Wonder Woman's Plane

    I for one DONT like the " see-thro " effect on the intakes .....couldn't you have used some clear plasticard to stop that happening ?
  6. Has this actually turned up in stock anywhere apart from Telford? -Hannants still list as future release and ebay seems to be devoid of them as well...
  7. Neil Lambess

    Bandai PG Millennium Falcon

    Falcon amazing ! (Say it out loud )
  8. Neil Lambess

    Merlin 1/72nd Fairey IIIF

    I have been looking at it recently after hitting a wall a few years back with the floats ....stay tuned
  9. Eventually it did get better engines as the Phantom ☺ if you look at a built up model I've always thought you can "see" the Phantom lurking in the basic shape of the Demon (something about its wing shape and proprtions )
  10. IIRC sword tooled the xtrakit scimitar based on an inaccurate set of plans by Caruana. (Which he later corrected for the Warpaint ) the main problem been the angle of the wingtips and the whole wing sweep.
  11. Neil Lambess

    1/72 - Bristol 72 Racer By AviS - released

    Any release updates on this ?
  12. Neil Lambess

    Stan Lee dies aged 95

    ....nuff said
  13. Neil Lambess

    Douglas Rain RIP

    On the films 50th anniversary year too
  14. I've actually flown in the one on the box art !...it's a must have
  15. Technically I belive it qualifies as a "Tiny House" which are very trendy at the moment .I plan to live in my one - or at least the box it come in