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  1. I'm hoping for the revell XSL 1 and Elwyn Angle space station now that the Cheyanne is on the way
  2. Apparently it's getting reissued later this year according to cult tv man site ! (So the moulds escaped the train crash 50 years ago then !)
  3. He has excellent service . Unfortunately I live in NZ so can't comment on your vat etc .BUT he's a great guy to do business with
  4. Love the idea the F35 has been shot by friendly fire...! (My money however is on a dodgy engine explosion) if you look at the picture the Mighty Dragon has clearly been flying ahead of the F35 which has obviously been shot down by something behind both of the aircraft....or the aforementioned dodgy engine failure
  5. Lovely ....it also appears to be under Mysteron control
  6. For what it's worth the Cyberhobby kit has the best boom shape for a FAW 2 the issue with the other kits is that when viewed from the top (ie looking down on the pointy front of the booms ) they are all too fat and blunt and not pointy enough . (The high planes kit been the worst offender) the error stems from a deHavilland . 3 view that is full of similar blunders. ALSO In my view the issue with the frog nose is largely an optiCal illusion due to the canopy railing been way too deep as it goes down the fuselage side ...scrape it away by about 2/3rds and the nose section ahead of the intakes looks considerably slimmer and longer !
  7. Ok non continental kiwi here, where local modelers and aviation buffs pronounce this as a "mist -ear" is that correct ? We also tend to say "dass-alt" but isnt "Dass-oh or Dass -owl" more likely? .....I do know "Potays" is more appropriate than Potez but french pronunciation tends to get a bit mangled down under !
  8. Hoping for an imperial airways argosy sometime in the near future too .great subjects
  9. My thread started first tho .... (but yours is better !)
  10. 10 to 15 years ago I met by chance a former employee of the Matchbox team.. (he had noticed I was reading a model magazine article on the Airfix Nimrod in a local cafe here in N Z ) he casually mentioned that he had worked for Matchbox and that they had been planning a Nimrod before they went bust . (I'm not sure if that was common knowledge at that time but it was true ) Anyway he sat at my table and talked about some of the other pipe dreams Matchbox were planning including a 1/72 HP 42 ! As a larger Gold series kit ....... (curse you Maggie Thatcher !) Other subjects apparently under serious consideration were a Short Singapore (as an aside at a NZ toy fair in 86-ish I was told by the Matchbox importer they they were doing a 4 engine RNZAF biplane flying boat in a year or two ...which could only have been a Singapore ) an Overstrand ,Hendon and Fairey IIIF ! ..... I recall asking him if the Emhar Demon and Fury had been Matchbox molds in development (They had always looked like Matchbox tools to me ) and he said they were finished and released by two ex Matchbox employees (which at the time wasn't known but is also apparently true ) ....if only this alternate Time line for Matchbox had come to pass!
  11. With a lighted eye ! According to monsters in motion website
  12. If anybodys in any doubt .then the very distinctive Banshee engine fronts are the same as the Airfix kit . So it's been based on the short fuselage Airfix kit for sure .a couple of other Academy copies were their U2 copy of the airfix kit (academy has recessed panel lines and the Academy A10 which copies the Hasegawa kit but again with much nicer recessed Panel lines .not sure if Hobbycraft issued them tho. In the 80s a LOT of academy and Hobby craft kits were boxed and sold under the IDEAL label. Which is amother brand to search for some of the rarer HC kits for on the Bay
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