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  1. I made a mistake and bought Tamiya F15 1/48, as it seemed a bargain. Its not a good idea. It's a paint mule now. I've built their 1/48 F16c and it's a great kit, if pricey, and really highlights how old and out of date their F15 kit is.
  2. I've read this about one changing the pressure and the other changing the volume but in actual use what difference should I be seeing. I've tried mac valve wide open with the regulator at 10 psi and then psi at about 30 with the mac valve restricting until the air flow felt and sounded the same as before. I can't see any difference in how the paint goes down. What difference should I expect?
  3. I've a box of Microbox drill bits and they are strongly attracted to one another and it's really annoying. Any suggestions for demagnetizing that doesn't involve a hard blow from a hammer? Thanks
  4. Hi Pete, definitely unmanned and as to size I think it looks 'right' stood next to a 1/48 scale plane, but the diorama I've been vaguely contemplating would be using some 1/35 scale figures. Never made a diorama before so we'll see..... I'm unlikely to be able to legally work for the next 6 weeks so I won't be lacking time. Now the progress. Armaments; the kit came with Bit on the small side. Or there was this Bigger, but better? Then there was this Which has some potential, But I preferred this Why have one
  5. Love to see some pics of how you get on.
  6. You can only build one kit but it has a range of parts. It has one core torso part where the human operator sits but you then choose whether to have the rest of the torso open (looks like a low rent version of the power loader from Aliens) or closed off like in my photo. There are two pairs of legs and multiple armaments, though these are very basic. See the developments in the work in progress.
  7. So I've been busy attacking the droid (doesn't have a name yet, we'll see) with sprue cutters, files and sanding sticks. First to go were the pegs sticking out all over the place and then a lot of sanding to smooth all the sharp edges and corners, of which there are many. Also I didn't like all the gaps in the arms and that slot around the wrist. Putty in two of the gaps and the wrist, Mr surfacer 500 dabbed and stipled then primed with Mr surfacer 1500 got me to this Much better. Also decided I preferred the alternate legs, the mech type i was going to use
  8. I wouldn't care about the colours, it look great. Good to hear no big fit issues, I'm seriously considering a Mig-27 from trumpeter.
  9. I got back into modelling during lockdown vol 1, after a break of approximately 33 years, give or take. I've built a number of aircraft and a helicopter in the months since and whilst I can't say I've enjoyed every minute it has been such a calming and rewarding way to fill my time (due to the nature of my job I can't work during tier4/lockdown). Wanted to do something different and with more freedom and I've always enjoyed sci fi. My youth was filled with Star Wars (I was 5 when I saw Star Wars, mind blown!), 2000AD and Harry Harrison novels so sci fi kit seemed appropriate.
  10. That's fantastic. I love it. Great idea, well executed.
  11. Thanks Troy but I don't think I'll be doing that. I've already had a post deleted and been pm'd by a moderator because "BM is not the place to air issues you may have with any company." I don't want to be banned so..... On the bright side emodels.co.uk are taking it up with the importer so here's hoping.
  12. It's arrived early. In some ways it's better than expected, in others it's a bit naff. Apart from anything else because it's push fit there are 'pegs' sticking out all over the place as attachment points for ancillaries. Nothing Mr Sprue cutter can't fix. It's a starting point. Soon to be a work in progress.
  13. Apologies if this is a stupid question but I've seen contradictory advice on other sites/ youtube. Is there any practical difference between reducing the pressure at the compressor or dialing down the air with the mac valve on my ps270. I've tried both and can't tell any difference and logic makes me think if the air is flowing at a certain rate then its irrelevant whether the rate is dictated at the far end of the airline or just before the nozzle. But I see mac valves described as splatter valves or stipple valves and I'm puzzled. Perhaps I should just stay away from
  14. I really like the Voodoo but I've been scared off that kit by bad reviews. I suspect if you want the correct nose.....$15 postage. I have no problem paying postage and paying for the parts if I need replacements because I've messed up, but having to spend more to fix a problem that is all on them cheeses me off. I've contact emodels who I bought the kit from to see if they can help. Fingers crossed but I'm not holding my breath.
  15. Got a reply from Kittyhawk. They can send me undercarriage with axles, but it'll cost me $15 in postage! £60+ for a kit with manufacturing faults that I have to spend more money on in order to make right. I'm told that if I order another kit they can bundle them so I only pay postage once, but with the bad taste in my mouth, do I want to give more money to Kittyhawk?
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