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  1. You know what I mean My valiant has a blu Danube the Viktor has a blu steal and the tar 2 has wat passes for wem 117
  2. Shame an il 28 with a tactical nuke would have been nice Cheers ta
  3. Thank u antti did find that wip and what a build that is love the bomb aimers lino I'm more of an assembler these days and am happy if it looks like it's subject but it is nice to get the colour right I do have 1 more question is the big bomb in the kit an RDS 4 Thanks again
  4. Morning all I am the proud owner of a trumpy il28 and have been staring at pictures of real 1s and reeding of other people's experiences of it and I'm confused I have cut the tail off because I want a sovet 1 Is that correct? I have also decided to paint the gear bays silver with an orangey clear Laker like I saw in a walk round of a polish example that I can no longer find Dose this sound Wright ? Any help gratefully received Happy modelling
  5. When I read the heading I thought of Eddie Hitler's 1/24 hurricane with 1/72 Lancaster top wings project in bottom
  6. I've been looking soarly tempted but space and budgetery constraints disallow it What was the monetering aircraft a Tu 16 ?
  7. Just watched it brilliant Now I want to build the airplanes
  8. Best hope the matchbox one's work Just started a blue diamond T7 last week
  9. When I built the aew my eyes worked and my tremer wasn't so bad but by the time I made the MK3 it gave me the Willy's can't wait to see yours finished mite even spurt me on to my 3rd shack
  10. All looks good painting the prop tips was the bit I put off till I couldn't put it off any longer Then I discovered I had got the stipes in the wrong order on my aew
  11. Coming along nicely always enjoy watching people build there shackaltons. I was quite little when strathalen was open and don't remember much apart from Zebedee. Hopefully one day do the conversion to the airfix kit
  12. Yes I was that giddy kid also almost as good as a trip to strathalen to see Zebedee
  13. I havint built the airfix one but have built revels mk 3 and aew i painted them with humbrol spray can 27 and once varnished it looked pretty good Was the model shop Brian sherifs
  14. Ed 209

    Argosy question

    That's what I was kind of thinking Thanks for the response Ed
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