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  1. Very nice work there Interesting build strategy, painting and weathering as you build. Probably the best option considering the layout. Andrew
  2. Excellent job especially considering the scale So how did you do the camo scheme? Andrew
  3. That's the guy who held out until the 70s still fighting ww2 isn't? Amazing story! Yes I'll leave some talc on the carpet to catch any trails Andrew
  4. Thanks MM, so good I can't find the bleedin' model Ironing board will make an excellent diorama base and the gravy boat is perfect for mixing paints and pouring into the airbrush Thanks RedCoat. Glad your interested. Hopefully back on it in a week or two Andrew
  5. Enjoying this build Roger. Steady as she goes Andrew
  6. This looks really cool. It's making me want to get mine to the top of the pile Andrew
  7. Just in case anyone was wondering why I'm not cracking on with this we're doing a bit of 1:1 scale domestic scratch building so all the green things have taken over in the man cave Anyone got a machete? Andrew
  8. Are you going to do 'year after the graffiti' version. More opertunity for weathering Andrew
  9. Go on count the rivets. You know you want to Andrew
  10. I really enjoyed making my tortoise. Stick some stowage over that knackered bit. No one will know Good luck and have fun. Oh and if you remove the prototype triangle you can do a 'what if' in all its full fighting set up Andrew
  11. You've done a cracking job on that Rob. Enjoyed your WIP to. It really builds into an interesting subject. Plenty of detail packed into a small package. Similar to what you get with a Universal Carrier which this is a grandson of! Quite tempted myself and I don't do modern! Not bad for a boatie Look forward to the LCA build, I noticed that today as well. Might get my feet wet myself Andrew
  12. " Members 631 Gender:Male Location:Harrow Author Posted April 26 On 4/25/2022 at 5:50 PM, APA said: The stuff you chuck in the bin is better than anything I'll ever make Andrew Haha! Thanks Andrew, but trust me, the bit I threw out just wasn’t fit for purpose. One of the joys of scratchbuilding is that if it goes wrong; bin it. No great loss, and most stuff can be remade pretty quickly. If I screw up a kit part (which happens quite often) I’m really stuck and dismayed, but when a scratch bit goes awry, you know there’s a 99% chance you’ll make it better second time around, and all it’s cost is 20sq cm of polystyrene and an hour or so. Your stuff is excellent; I’m loving the Bedford. There’s a really a refreshing mindset that comes with scratchbuilding - I’d highly recommend you give it a go; you clearly have the skills. " From your Mk1 build and @ColonelKrypton beat me to it on the protractor Andrew
  13. Th real scratching has begun. 0.5mm styrene card for all so far. I may use 0.3mm for finer details. Firstly some workings out. Working out the angles that the head can elevate. I'm going for a 60deg maximum elevation of the neck with a maximum depresion of -10deg for the head giving a total travel of 70deg. The tricky bit is how to incorporate a cover across that range. Solution is further down. At the bottom is the final drawing of the neck at rest and the drivers cabin. The neck will sit on a bar across the main body while in transport. I've still to work out the point where the neck will stop to avoid the drivers cabin. Top right are sketches for the machine gun housing with various door configurations. I've gone for the top right corner design as that will give quick access for reloading through the large rear door and the small forward door for removal and maintenance. Top left is the solution for covering the gaps when the head is elevated / depressed. There will be no room for a curved inner mantel I've gone for sliding plates fixed by hinges on the head and sliding along guides on the neck. Template for the neck sides traced onto some 40gsm paper left over from the motor racing mags on the Bedford MWD I punched each intersection onto the card then joined the dots I bought one of these for a couple of quid on ebay. Well worth it! The step is only a millimeter or so and is perfect for getting a square cut. Thanks to @matti64 for the tip off So here's the results so far. Left is the head which will be semicircular with two Besa MG's with shrouds. Then in the centre the neck with scribed top access doors, side panels and inner legs and lower panel. Then on the right is the drivers cab. This is good fun, thanks @Model Mate for the inspiration I'll do some bracing sections for the inside next and start thinking about the vision ports. I've ordered some 123 blocks to help keep everything square while gluing. One of the things I'm enjoying about this is that I have to start thinking like an armour designer. Hours of fun Cheers all Andrew
  14. Thanks Rob. I'm trying to sort out how the head of this bug will work. Every solution gives a problem Andrew
  15. Lovely build of a great subject Nenad weathering is spot on and the scheme works for me. A classic given justice Andrew
  16. A bit more done today That lovely engine is now hidden under the covers. I was contemplating leaving the sides open but that would interfear with the neck operation and would detract from the main build. That cover was a lot fiddleyer than it looks. Fuel tanks relocated and placed sideways and front storage box relocated internally as well. Very rough Neck constructed just to get a feel for the thing. Also the drivers cabin At rest position. Over a wall position Over a barn position. Hopefully more tomorrow. Andrew
  17. Hi Graham It's all about the gsm (Grams per square Meter). I think Bible paper is about the thinnest you can get at 30gsm or less. That would be ideal but the 40gsm is pretty thin and would do for maps etc. Andrew
  18. Thanks for that Peter, handy info. The 40gsm went through my printer fine on it's own. Andrew
  19. Oops! Forgot to mention that I got some 40gsm A4 paper to print it on. It's very thin, a bit like tracing paper. I would like it thinner (35gsm is the lowest I think but it's hard to find and a bit specialist). A
  20. Yep Googled 1930's motor racing magazine and used the pics. I think they are a touch over scale as I had no dimensions however if any smaller you wouldn't make out the pics Andrew
  21. I added the Mkii to my stash not long ago. I to like the post war british behemoths. Looks a great kit an looking forward to building it. Likewise looking forward to your build to Crack on Andrew
  22. Your rather good at all this aren't you MM Andrew
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