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  1. 1st march according to wonderland models I have 2 pre ordered
  2. Cheers andy...lol you see this more than I do... Thanks jason
  3. Cheers bud, yeaaaaa think it's a must really lol
  4. Another couple of hours on the extra panels I opened up, and a base coat for the engine..... I know nothing's accurate but I like it . A little more to do on washes and highlights but it's wet so will have to wait I think that's gonna be it for panel opened now....?? Cheers guys Mark
  5. Thanks chaps..... im at the point now where im wondering weather to open up any more or even which panels to open..... any advice..?
  6. Cheers Neal. Like your project above. That's how the Airfix tonka looks made up stright out the box..lol
  7. The thought had crossed my mind........ LolCheers guys appreciated Another couple of hours opening up the "engine bay"? And scratching an engine, absolutely no accuracy here whatsoever built out of what I had and no references.... Apologies to the accuracy guys Mark
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