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  1. Its about 8cm long X 10cm wide another problem i have just seen is that the stand peg has snapped off in the stand hole lol. How can i get this out?
  2. I am not sure if this is posted in the right place but here goes lol. I have a little Corgi Diecast Model Spitfire "Neville Duke". Its the small size ones that I got years ago I love it due to the desert markings on it even though its mostley a toy.. I keep it on my desk beside my PC, I dropped it and the stand broke off. Its about 8cm long X 10cm wide Does anyone know where i can get replacement stands? I found these on Amazon but not sure if they would do. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Airfix-Small-Aircraft-Display-Assorted/dp/B0064LS1ZU/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=aircraft+stands&qid=1610028986&s=kids&sr=1-4 Thanks
  3. The end result could be quite Interesting!
  4. Thanks for these Links.
  5. Thanks All I have decided to just paint the main body and not worry about the small bits. This is the first kit I have built in years so I don't want to spend a lot on paint and make a disaster!.
  6. I just thought I would introduce myself. I used to build Model Aircraft kits years ago but then stopped doing it for a long time. Then recently I got a Revell Yak 3, level 3 kit. It will be interesting to see how this goes. I am in Fife, Scotland.
  7. Hello, after many years of not building a Model Aircraft kit I decided to buy one. Its a Revell Yak - 3 1:72 Level 3 kit. My question is the box says 10 tins of paint but the instructions say 12. Which is correct and also where is the cheapest place to but it? Thank You
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