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  1. Thank you Paul, I will definitely check out your site, always good to add another supplier to my list. As I posted this query in multiple places, I have now managed to get what I need but thanks for your reply, I appreciate it
  2. I have a Harder and Steenbeck AB and my cheap one uses the same size fittings too. I posted my query elsewhere too and am now sorted but thank you very much for replying, I appreciate it
  3. I am now lucky enough to have two working airbrushes - need guidance on best place to get some quick release air couplers please? I have spent ages on Amazon and eBay but I can never tell if the reviews are real/fake/actually for the thing I am looking at, and I would appreciate any recommendations please? I would like to be able to swap my compressor's supply easily between the two ABs, so will need two male 1/8" connectors and one female body (I think that's right!).
  4. Long story short, have been using a cheap AB/Compressor combo for a year now, today I broke the AB after cleaning it and now looking to replace both the AB and the compressor. I have a budget of about £250 max to replace both. Any suggestions please? I did try to search the forum before posting but searching for "Recommendations", "Airbrushes" or "Compressors" brought up LOADS of posts :-)
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