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    Great looking kit !! Only real issues seem to be with the canopy fit. Some seem to have issues, and some don’t.
  2. Tiger 712, here at Fort Benning, in Columbus, GA, is being restored.
  3. I use washes of Burnt Umber oil paint, thinned to varying degrees with white spirits...
  4. Well... Who's a smart little Piglet, then Very nice job there, Steve !! I fully agree... These are superb tracks. I have a set for a Tiger and a couple of Panzer III/IV sets.
  5. Don't forget that olive drab fades, scuffs, and changes color a lot, due to weather and sun bleaching, fading, dust impregnation etc. Just look at some of the photos of B17's that have taken on a grey hue, or even blue and purple. I just mix my own, from Vallejo paints.
  6. Looking good Darryl !! I don't see anything wrong with it !!
  7. Looks like it says "USS Constitution", to me.... But I'm sure that that's not right
  8. The primer was extremely hard. There is a photo out there, somewhere, of a test that David Byden did, on a piece of Panther side skirt. He could scratch off the top coats, dark yellow, brown, and green, but could not scratch through the red primer. I would think that chips and scratches inside would be barely visible.
  9. Colt, Springfield, Les Baer, even a Kimber if it’s a pre 2000, pre series 2.
  10. The 1911 really struggles with .45 blank rounds. You basically have to hand cycle each round. If you watch The Getaway, (1972) with Steve McQueen, there’s lots of Non 1911, 1911 action in that movie. The Star Model B in 9mm was used for the shooting scenes, as it looks a lot like a 1911 but cycles blanks easily. My other, other, job, is hand fitting/building 1911’s.
  11. As stated above, the red primer is extremely tough.
  12. Try this site for more details… https://anicursor.com/colpicwar2b.html
  13. Ahh... The old, "PVA and Tea Leaves" trick.... Okay, question.... I thought that something was wrong with the Tamiya Challenger 2 ? Is something wrong with it ? Wrong sized armor blocks on the front, or something ?
  14. That's a rather Stunning paint scheme and finish !!
  15. I’m still pinched between Moistened Lips…
  16. It’s certainly getting there. Don’t be afraid to push the envelope a little. Look at photos of the real vehicles, and experiment on a paint mule.
  17. Don’t trust the Olde Wizards “Dry Brushing” balderdash !! He’ll lead down a Bad Path, Young Darryl !!
  18. Dry brushing ??!! What are you looking for ?? Subtlety ?? Stick it where it needs to be !! Daub, if you must !! Wield it with Power, I say !! Never mind this, Olde Schoole, Dry Brushing !!
  19. Yes, yes, and Thrice Yes !! Where is @M3talpig and @Jasper dog along with a Myriad of others ??
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