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  1. Thanks for replying! that’s a good idea I’m doing that right now and your right it makes a surprising improvement!! thanks for the advice as usual on here it’s first class!
  2. Hello everyone again here is my finished tamiya r34 gtr finally feeling like I’m nailing this modelling thing, a few minor mistakes that have been fixed and generally happy! kit was its usual high quality that I always see from tamiya, although it’s very visual only as it has no engine on this one. what do you guys think? Any suggestions on what to do next? thanks again Skyline 1 Skyline 2 Skyline 3 Skyline 4 Skyline 5
  3. first ready for inspection please be kind! Thanks everyone who offered advice here to fix my paint work Fairly happy with it, just ignore the disaster I had with the a pillar :/ made a few usual mistakes but generally happy with the finished result will be better next time R34 Skyline next! Supra 1 Supra 2 Supra 3 Supra 4
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    It was a tamiya primer and tamiya spray can so it’s all a bit off I usually get really good results with tamiya I think because I tried to do prep work this time I messed it up more than fixing it! thanks for your advice everyone
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    Hi Keith thanks for the reply! yea that’s what I was thinking it does not seem to be getting better so may be another dettol Soak job! As I scuffed lightly before primer it may be not fixable!! I air brush mainly but for the body I’m using a rattle can primer and body colour it isn’t clear coated in the pic love model building but it can be so frustrating!!
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    hi everyone long time admirer of everyone brilliant builds on here and have a few of my own I will post when I get confident i do need help with my current supra build though. after priming and sanding lightly the paintwork is very poor what would everyone recommend? More coats or scrap and re do!? https://imgur.com/a/HMBsCbx
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