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  1. Time for another update. I've been doing some work on the landing gear. I've mixed up some matt black for the wheels and given them a first coat. I choose not to use a primer on them. The oleo and strut I've painted black as a base coat, then painted chrome silver. Technically I imagine that there should be some white or grey on the oleo and strut, but I figured that they are small enough to not worry. I'll touch it all up once they are glued together.
  2. I've got the same kit that'll be built into an Air New Zealand B747-200. What issues did you have with the undercarriage?
  3. De-ice boots are painted. Overall I'm much happy with these compared to the decal version. A few minor touch-ups are needed. Over the weekend, I also managed to finish off the propellers, and made a start on the landing gear. The nose wheels are so tiny! Hard to believe that it's nearly finished!
  4. Thanks for the tip That sounds like a simple way to do it.
  5. More decals are fitted, and a bit of a play temporarily putting a propeller on. Time to re-do the de-ice boots. I'll make X-18 semi-gloss black into a matt by mixing it with some X-21 Flat Base. Boots are all taped up.
  6. Thanks for the tips. I'd read somewhere that the colour was Boeing Grey, suppose that may have been that person's opinion. The idea is to use this primer as the final colour on some up coming models. Good to know that the TS-26 shouldn't yellow! I will be sticking to spray cans for the time being. I'm hoping that the finish of this model isn't too far off...! I've made some more progress on the propellers. Sadly they haven't worked out as well as I was hoping. I did enjoy painting the yellow! This is Tamiya's Lemon Yellow, X8 I thought that it would be easy to
  7. I've also been working on the propellers. These are small & fiddly. Preferable these would be a single piece, but I suppose this way you can change the pitch angle. I've glued these in a fine pitch for simplicity. Ideally I wanted to glue them in a feathered position, as if the aircraft was parked. So mine will be in a taxi-configuration. In hind-sight, a fixture of some sort would have helped align the blades more evenly spaced, rather then eye-balled. Here it is, now as a passenger version, with the cabin windows applied. Here is the cabin entry door. It
  8. More decals. Currently this is a freighter version... The fern decals went on easily. I did both sides at the same time so that I could ensure that they both matched up from the top and bottom. Also shown are the de-ice boots. The decal sheet didn't provide enough of these, and I struggled to get them to sit nicely and evenly. Not shown, is how they fit on the lower surface of the wing. I couldn't get them to line up, and they wouldn't sit flat. So I'll remove them and paint these on. They're also on the hori-stab. I used MicroSet for the decals. It smells like vin
  9. Finally time for decals! I'm sure this must be one of the top moments when building a model. Top moments for me would be initial gluing, spraying and decals. I had a few stressful moments applying the two doors. I think that was because they are rather thin since most of them is clear. As you can see, the decal for the cargo door is larger then the model lines. Cheat lines? Talking with John at OldModel Decals, the door lines are incorrect for the ATR72, or at least AirNZ's ones. If I'd known this earlier, I would have filled the lines in with putty. I've also put
  10. All masked up & ready to go. I used Tamiya Masking Tape for Curves (2mm) then masking tape from there. I'm not sure if I should have used a better masking tape product or not. My masking was a bit of a pain to remove, but here you go. The black was a very satisfying paint to apply. I used Tamiya TS-14 Gloss Black. It sprayed on very nicely & only took two light coats. I had a much better experienced compared to the white! It had bleed a little under the Tamiya tape, it's possibly a bit thick for overlaping with. Any tips on this? You can see it in this
  11. Here it is with a top coat of Tamiya's TS-26 (pure white). I'm fairly happy with how it came out. Only thing is, it used most of the can... Possibly I was too fussy with some parts of it. We'll have to see on the next model...
  12. Yes, that would work. I was just hoping that there would be an off the shelf product available. It's odd that Tamiya don't match the names of their spray paints with the potted paints.
  13. Thanks everyone. I've considered spraying it into something. Interesting that it evaporates. I'm not able to respray, as I am using the colour as a final coat. I was hoping to purchase a pot of paint that is the correct colour.
  14. I'd mentioned at the start of the build that there was a hole in the LH side of the fuselage. This was filled with putty, but ended up coming out when I was sanding. Here I have glued in some small pieces of scrap plastic. Not shown, but this sanded and filled nicely. Pictured in the background is the 1:144 Bus that I'm also working on.
  15. A grey aeroplane! I've used Tamiya fine surface primer. I had read that this is the same grey as Boeing BAC 707 grey. Does anyone know what paint I can use for touch-up for this? I haven't yet managed to find anything. I'm wanting a pre-mix, and not having to mix it each time to try and match it, as I've got a number of other things I want to paint with this colour. I added this panel line for the tail cone. My ambitions were greater then my ability, so I ended up leaving it with just this one. To do this I used tape as a guide, then cut it with an xacto-kni
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