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  1. To begin, I need to make a drawing. This is a very important aircraft. In 1911, there was a world exhibition in St. Petersburg (the same as in Le-Bourget, France). Gakkel V (1911) - the first in world seaplane without floats an wing. "Usines Russe-Baltiques" had two factories in Riga and St. Petersburg. Sikorsky worked at the plant in St. Petersburg. He built "Ilya Muromets" and "Russky Vityaz". Kudashev worked at the plant in Riga. He built "Kudashev IV" These two people are from Ukraine. Gakkel from Russia. Professor Kudashev was Sikorsky's teacher at the
  2. The museum DORNIER present me a drawing (fuselage coordinates). I promised that I would not sell it to anyone.
  3. Impressive work! In a sense it's like music... Thank you!)))
  4. Hi all)) My name is Misha) About 3 years ago I found "delicious" plane. Many questions arose in my head. Almost nothing is known about the plane. But.... who seeks, will always find. Main view Engine Oerlikon 50hp I made the first drawing of the engine PS to be continued
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