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  1. This is my second project in SB Flying boat fighter. There is no blueprint anywhere. So, I'll start with them. Russia 1916. Baku city. Aviation School. The boat reached a speed of 170 km/h. Engine Gnome 9B2 (England)
  2. I make the drawing in the correct dimensions. Anyone who wants to build the right airplane can use this blueprint. )))))...but in scratchbuild this plane I want much more!!)))) Revell once made wonderful sets. Now started releasing Meng in the same style. This is style "Grotesque caricature"))))))) And I think my Gakkel will be in this style)))) It's a lot of fun, but also ..very hard. No))) just look))
  3. ..........why not..... Rotary machine gun 4х12,7mm "USPU-24"
  4. Airplane horizontal stabilizer and elevator in the trapezoid (not rectangle)
  5. 8 points of coincidence. Aircraft dimensions: width 10'560mm length 10'490mm height 2'690mm screw diameter 2'700mm
  6. Many size calculations are not shown here. It doesn't make sense. The "raw" look is already ready.
  7. Vitruvian Man just for your sight. Angles to be corrected.
  8. It is geometry and stereometry. I was taught this at institute. You don't need a program to see the space 3D. Everything you see, I draw on a sheet in the program CorelDraw. Simple lines and their vector form a plane and virtual space in your head. All dimensions this is analytic geometry. ...software in my mind))))
  9. Shake up the virtual room and rearrange the furniture. The height of the chairs and their position on the podium will help determine the dimensions for the length of the aircraft. Virtual projection of chairs (orange) will help see the "square" for measurement. Administration)))) sorry but i love music))))
  10. Projection of the engine. Pipes on the same plane.
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