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  1. I’m sure that’s something that could be relatively easily done in 3D resin printing , I might have a go
  2. Very nice , I was looking at these in my local shop today
  3. Thank you , for reference I used a small diameter sandpaper drum on a rotary tool
  4. No worries , and yes your 100% correct
  5. Thanks , I’m 99% certain they are the same , no point in sending them back as I would have to pay the postage
  6. I’ve bought FE1054 seatbelts for my Tamiya F14D , I should have bought FE934 , FE1054 are for AMK , I can’t see any difference in the parts though , just wondering if anyone can help out
  7. Yeah , you’re right , more pictures required , I shall sort some tomorrow , first time using the smoke paint , kinda just sprayed it , guess I got lucky
  8. Definitely not the most challenging to build , generally pleased with the result none the less , painted with Tamiya and Mr Colour Acrylics with Mr Colour Lacquer to finish. The stock ride height was ridiculous, so I lowered it about 6mm which makes it look far better. The interior is nothing special but I did use my own resin printed seats to try them out. Also tinted the rear windows using Tamiya smoke which I think gives a nice effect.
  9. CA fumes in the eyes is brutal
  10. Have you not had an airbrush needle tip meet bone yet , now that really does hurt , a very very lot
  11. Thanks , it did seem odd to see it to be honest
  12. anyone know if there is much difference between the single and 2 seat models ? , I can pick either up for the same price just wondering which if either is the better one ?
  13. Thanks , I’ve got one side to decal , clear coat and put it together , hopefully be done Tuesday
  14. So, did a test fit of the body on the chassis and was distinctly unimpressed with the ride height, so what do you do, fire up the 3D resin printer and make some more suitable ones Best modelling investment ever
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