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  1. Thank you , it should really have some 7 spoke road wheels , I need to get some
  2. Done a cracking job on that , love the colour !!!!
  3. Posca pens are my goto , Amazon , eBay , Hobbycraft etc sell them
  4. Thank you , much appreciated , if it helps the background was placed only a few inches from the car and it was photographed using a phone with 3x optical zoom which gave a reasonable depth of field.
  5. Thanks , I’ll definitely be doing the backgrounds again , brings the cars to life for me
  6. Looks good , one point , not criticism just pointing out that you didn’t paint the surround of the rear window , any reason ?
  7. This latest addition to the fleet has been languishing in its box for months after the kit decals failed to comply !! , I was considering turning it into some form of road car but with a full caged and belted interior it wasn’t going to work. Then I saw these decals from LB Productions and it just had to be and so it was. The background is simply a photo off the internet printed on A4 and placed behind the model with a small curve in it, I know the scale is slightly off but I’ll work on that. Thanks for looking
  8. Cracking job all round , for info , SK Decals do a bookmatch Carbon sheet , excellent stuff to work with as well
  9. Superb , what did you clear coat it with ?
  10. Love it and brings back some good memories of the bullet train !!!!
  11. Superglue gel , cut the end of the ribbon at a very sharp angle and touch the end to the glue , then pinch the ribbon and pull it through your fingers quickly to remove the excess , note I said quickly , if you don’t you will become attached to the ribbon , as for the texture I usually go to my local fabric shop and they sell ribbon that isn’t so textured in pretty much any colour of the rainbow
  12. The RS200 has turned into a unicorn kit before it’s been released
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