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  1. Stunning , I’ll be happy if mine is half as good !!!
  2. Stunning , I’ve got the non shovel nose version to build
  3. Welcome neighbour , I’m just down the road in Norton
  4. Thank you , it took a few hours till I was happy with it though
  5. Generally pleased with this , somewhat fiddly for my fat fingers but there you go , painted with Tamiya and Mr Color , some bits missing , some bits added , enjoy , constructive criticism welcome
  6. Appreciate the comment , to be honest , if it was released today it would stand proud of some of the garbage that is being produced
  7. Thanks for the compliments , I’ll have to honest and say I can’t remember the colour , I’ll update it I can work it out though
  8. Stunning , I hope I can do the same justice to mine when I get round to it
  9. Your link was fine , guess there’s no point for this group then , I’ll just Google everything
  10. Thanks but won’t let me open it Just throwing things around at the moment
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