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  1. Ah right I understand now , I don’t remove my build plate as the top surface is chamfered , then I just wipe it down in situ
  2. Hi, going back many posts you said you dropped your build plate , do you not use a flex plate ? , very well worth the money if you don’t !! Keep up the good work and if your not too busy nip round and teach me F360
  3. it was a learning process to be honest , hot water , loads of decal solution and way more patience then I usually have , worth the effort
  4. Wet sand and polish , happy with the results
  5. Believe it or not the humbrol is the winner , or maybe I’ve just got used to the decals , whichever I’ve got one side to do and loads of little itty bitty ones to go on , starting to look good though , will definitely be on the hunt for more as long as I can get them cheap enough
  6. I think warmer water has helped plus as a last resort I tried a bottle of humbrol decal solution which is working the best and was the cheapest I had
  7. Yeah looks like it , I’ll try warmer water and see if that helps , thanks
  8. Been wanting to build one of these for ages but the prices are crazy to be honest , picked this up off hiroboy for £40 so well pleased with that !! Now the bad part , the decals go down eventually , I’ve tried microsol and set , mr hobby set and softer and UMP strong and all of them take forever to soften the decals , even a hairdryer is proving of limited help. Any ideas please !!!!
  9. Good stuff , the only thing I would add is that your layer times seem excessive , I’m using WWR with a Mars 2 and about half the time works fine
  10. The manifolds were done with Tamiya LP clear colours and the cam covers were done with AK extreme metals
  11. Thanks , which part of it are you talking about ?
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