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  1. Did a T-62 recently by using nailpolish on the turret to soften up the plastic, tapped it with an old toothbrush and when dry and hardened sanded off the excess. Looked good to me after painting it.
  2. Ask 10 modelers how they feel about the hobby and what they build and you'll get 11 opinions. If you think adding figures to a specific tank would pose a moral dilemma, skip them. And yet by adding them you would make the memory of them come to life, even if it is just for a brief moment. Building a specific tank also means you are looking at a specific crew. I myself like to add a personal touch to the tanks I build. I have started to display small, personal things beside them; a pair of rank insignia, some contemporary coins or maybe even an envelope or letter. All with
  3. I was wondering if any has this book and could tell me if it is worth purchasing? I am a complete novice when it comes to airplanes (really that different from armour in 1/35?) and I have acquired some in 1/48. This book appears to be rather dated. It is also stated that this is volume 7.... 7 in a series on planes or 7 in a series on the whole spectrum of building?
  4. Nicely done! Cleanly built. The camouflage looks really good. I mentioned this with another modeler, showing his vehicle, before; Pay attention to the molding seams. There are some around the antenna, the fire extinguisher (which you thankfully did not paint red!) and the toolbox front left. This tends to catch the eye, especially if one starts weathering the vehicle. A dab of paint on the retaining straps of the fuel cans on the front and said fire extinguisher would really finish the vehicle off. I tend to forget these sort of details too, until I look at pictures I pos
  5. Neat little tank, that's on my list to do, too. Colours came out just like in the Tamiya catalogue. 45 years old? Really? A tip for improvement; look at the casting seams, like the inside of the turret hatches, along the wheels and the figures' heads, ears and shoulders (typically Tamiya). Removing those will lift the endproduct significantly.
  6. Having recently done a few of those, I think modellers today have become overly critical, spoiled and too demanding (entitled). I think raising such a poor kit to an acceptable level is what the hobby is all about, instead of inch-to-mm whining (modern equivalent of rivet counting). On the other hand, looking at kit prices today, a fair level of delivering what is promised, should be a manufacturers goal as well. I chose to go for cheap kits and lower my demands and expectations.
  7. I never knew they had an armoured sleeve over the gunbarrel. Can you or anyone else tell me why this was done?
  8. I always figured that parts were painted before assembly. especially early on when there was both time and materials to do so.
  9. Question; why are the wheels red in between?
  10. Woah! This one is unreal! That pattern.... and the mud... the details.... Superb! Just 2 things.... the rubber on the spare wheel? And the inside of the barrel? They seem to have been forgotten?
  11. Thanks! yes, a dab of paint and a wisp of dust can make a difference.
  12. I present to you Trumpeter's less than accurate and easy T-54A, made to represent a North Vietnamese Army T-54B as seen during the Easter Offensive 1972 in the An Loc vicinity. The whole process can be read about here: NVA T-54B An Loc 1972
  13. And all of a sudden...... it was done. After a decade this was is finished too. It certainly was no easy build and Trumpeter hopefully has improved on their models since the 1990's, when the basis for this one was originally released. Fit was not always good and the instructions very confusing and incomplete. Dimensions and details far from accurate in places, but in the end it looks like a T-54.... to a good extent. The main colour is Tamiya XF-81 Dark green, which is a considerably lighter and more greener dark green than the XF-61 Dark green. I chose a lighter version beca
  14. The final part of the construction was the turret. A fairly basic enterprise really, but!! It got an extra; a turned aluminium barrel. I had ordered that a decade ago and now it final made it to its destined position. It is the first time I used such a barrel and I found out that paint sprayed on easily chips off. Like I said before NVA tanks look quite bare, so I wanted to add some more visual interesting things, so some tarpaulin rolls and the extra MG ammoboxes are added. I used putty on top of the rolls in order to make them fit the grab rails and well onto the turret side. I had to c
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