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  1. No of course I didn't think that.... Any thoughts opinions comments etc are always welcomed..... And I appreciate yours and everyone else's opinions... Thus is my first attempt at both a car and weathering so I posted on here for the intention if getting peoples views opinions and advice
  2. Thank you for your kind and encouraging words they are much appreciated... On the subject of the body shell I'm still undecided on where I'm going with that, my initial intention was to paint it but use a lot of salt and hair spray chipping so that it would actually have paint on although very worn rusty and sun faded... I guess I'll re assess it and decide once I've sorted out the rest of the model... Namely the interior as I have no idea how I'm going to go about tackling that yet.. Regards Richard
  3. Well things came to a hault whilst I tried to figure out the best way to go about painting and fitting parts to the chassis... Still haven't worked it out so thought I'd try my hand at hairspray chipping on the wheels.. Didn't turn out like I'd imagined but I'm still pretty happy with the look....
  4. Looking for some advice or ideas as to how I could replicate the build up and texture of oil and grime build up on the under chassis as in pic! Thanks in advance
  5. So for my next stage I decided to tackle the engine and again with a rusty look.. Spent a couple of days looking at photos trying to decide how to go about... In the end I did away with the air brush and paint brushes all this was done by sponge dabbing various colours.. As all this is new to me I'm posting this WIP more for my benifit to help me progress.. So comments, advice and constructive criticism is welcomed.. Although it looks worn I appreciate it still may look clean.. So i may add some washes to it before the final clear coat... (I think lol) Images may look brighter than
  6. This will be the last pics off this stage.. OK so I've added some filler to simulate corrosion. I think I'm done with the rust base now.... My question is am I OK to seal with acrylic varnish baring in mind it's an acrylic base and it will be an acrylic top coat I've the chipping... Sorry if that a noob question but hey I'm a noob and I've read that you should use an enamel clear coat to seal?
  7. Thanks for the input.. I think I will steer away from holes rot etc for now as I'm still less than 12 months into modelling I don't want to run before I can walk... However I may try dabbing some filler along the arched or door edges and repaint hopefully this will give some kind of corrosion effect?
  8. OK so listening to a comment and thinking ahhh why not I'll play with some other colours and techniques... So i used a sponge to apply a mix rust colour in several places... Hopefully it's an improvement not a step backwards..
  9. I have 3 lighter shades of rust... Light rust, orange rust and yellow ocre... Maybe put a mix of these in somewhere?
  10. So for my 6th adventure into scale modelling I decided to move away from motorcycles and try something new.. Namely a car and weathering.. So even tho it will be slow going I decided to post a WIP mainly so I may be able to get some help and advice along the way.. So my first stage.. Body panels primed with vallejo German Red overlaid with 2 of the darker colours from the vellejo rust range.. I'm happy with the result I think but just wondering if I should apply some lighter colours are add more darker in areas etc? Also I assume this should be sealed prior to any topcoat and hairspray
  11. Thank you... Its a model of the first big bike I owned after passing my test which is why i tried to be a little more meticulous with the build and why I changed the colour scheme slightly just to mimic what I owned
  12. Finally finished my 4th model the Aoshima cb400 super four.. Although the kit was in poor condition its not turned out to bad... Its also my first time using detail up and PE parts.. That was a new challenge for and I've learnt to pay more attention.. I even built and fitted the front brake discs to the wheel before realising there was no pre drilled holes for the axel to go through... Decided to leave some parts off too such as the PE honda badges for fear of ruining the paint job... Anyway just thought I would share the result..
  13. Has anyone swapped out the standard hoses for braided hoses on a 1/12 motorcycle build? If so what size/diameter?.. I purchased a tamiya braided hose kit the smallest I could find.. 2mm outer diameter and 0.8 inner diameter however it seems to thick to be in scale... Any advice or answers woukld be appreciated.. Thanks in advance..
  14. Yes I've found the instructions to be very vague myself... I've made a start but it's slow going due to the instructions... They are the complete opposite of what I'm used to... And my knowledge and experience doesn't stretch to.... I know better I'll do it this way instead..
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