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  1. Yes I've found the instructions to be very vague myself... I've made a start but it's slow going due to the instructions... They are the complete opposite of what I'm used to... And my knowledge and experience doesn't stretch to.... I know better I'll do it this way instead..
  2. Thanks for the replies guys... On what has been said I'll have to give aoshima the benifit of the doubt and put it down to plain old bad luck... Which if I am honest is what I'd prefer to do as they have a lot of kits I'd like to build that no other company make
  3. The kit is of a 1992 model bike... So not from the 70's but couldn't say how old it is...
  4. As the per title.... Has anyone ever bought and built one?... I bought a Honda cb400 super four from them and on opening the box I've never seen such poor quality in a kit.... Excessive flash everywhere, scratched and damaged parts... I took out the 2 halves of the petrol tank and tried fitting them together and when I say tried I mean tried... They didn't line up properly... There is a huge gap inbetween the 2 halves... So have I just been unlucky or is this the quality of their kits?
  5. I had the same problem when first using liquid mask.. I bought some silicone brushes the type I believe they use in nail art.. a pack of 5 different sizes for a couple of £.. They work great and once the mask is dry it just peels of the brush.....
  6. Thank you guys really appreciate the comments... Luckily the broken parts aren't to noticeable.. It was mainly the front indicators if you look you'll see they don't sit straight after regluing.. And most if the other mess I was able to buff and polish out to a point where you need to look for them but they are still there.. And tbh I never actually noticed the Honda decal damage myself lol... I don't know when that happened as it didn't happen when I applied it and it has a coat of clear over it... Strange I'll have to take another look at it... No this is the same pic... Don't know why
  7. Well it's finally finished... And I have to say i won't be attempting anything like this again until I have ma little more than 5 months modelling experience under my belt.... Everything was going well until the body work then everything that could go wrong did go wrong... Bad decal lay down finger prints glue spills broken parts etc... Anyway it's all done now and all in all I'm not to displeased with it... At least the lines match close enough thank you again for the help and words of encouragement...
  8. Finally plucked up the courage to attempt the decals... Went better than expected but not as well as I would have liked....especially the tail piece it's way out and the top piece is lop sided.. Never realised until it was to late was trying to lay down the sides and by the time I noticed it had adhered in parts so as I tried to got my brush and micro sol behind it, it started to rip... Learnt a lot from this tho from both doing it and from the invaluable advice I got... Some of which it may seem that I ignored but I didn't... I was just worried about making further mistakes by trying to corre
  9. I'm actually using vallejo paints but tamiya clear coat mixed with Mr colour levelling thinner.... Did try vellejo clear coats but had nothing but issues with them...
  10. Thank you very much... I will try and correct it.... I'm assuming I can spray over the clear coat without any trouble?
  11. No to be fair you are completely right about the shade of blue... I don't use tamiya paints and according to a conversion chart this was the closest match... I'm far to early in the hobby(2 and a half models in) to try mixing my own colours/shades.... It didn't look to far out until the darker blue went up against it... But no i totally respect what you are saying and you are right it's way off the shade it should be.... And again you are right about the blue on the tail section... But to be honest it was intentional as my line of thinking was I'd rather cover blue with decals than have white
  12. @Rick Brown thank you for the advice on the decals.. Its one part I'm pretty sure will go terribly wrong... I have micro set and micro sol on hand.. As I've found them to work just fine for me.. All be it on far smaller and simpler decals.. Well I guess time will tell... Good luck with your build
  13. Well final pieces painted and clear coated... Just need to wait for them to dry add the decals(which I'm really not looking forward too and believe will be far the hardest part) and then put them on the bike to see how well or indeed unwell everything lines up...
  14. Thanks I will try an x wing or y wing.... Its only really to get some weathering experience... Any hints or tips on weathering these kind of models greatly appreciated.
  15. Thanks guys... And I presume they are generally 1/72 scale? The likes of the x wing and y wing.. I may invest in one and give it a shot..
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