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  1. Definitely finding that slowing down & developing “patience” is the way forward- not only for a better model but also a more “mindful” experience (one of the main reasons I returned to the hobby - to do something slow,!).
  2. Thanks. Makes sense.
  3. Hi. Linked to a similar recent post re interiors of half tracks etc - I am building the Sd.Kfz 7/1 - Tamiya 1/35. The paint instructions are "vague" but seem to imply a Dunkelgrau cab interior (or at least don't say it should be any other colour than the chassis etc). Do I assume rightly? Thanks J
  4. Ahhhhh! I see! Thanks so much (although feel a bit daft now - lol). j
  5. Hi. Can anyone who had built this kit give me some advice please? To enable the guns to move up and down, part F3 is not meant to be glued. However, once assembled and the adjoining rod added and attached using a heated screwdriver, there is nothing to stop F3 just falling out of the hole? There is not enough tension in the rod etc to keep it all together? Have I done something wrong? Have others come up with a non-glue alternative solution? Pic of relevant bit of instructions on link below. https://photos.app.goo.gl/BSxwJrkbVNDiAY956
  6. Hi. Has anyone used the flexible terrain mats such as https://www.modelscenerysupplies.co.uk/brands/javis/Desert-Zone-Battle-Mat-Javis-BZ3M in their dioramas? Are they any good/realistic etc? Thanks
  7. Just oob ones. I was a bit cross about the shine on them tbh despite 2 coats of ultra Matt. Thanks.
  8. Thanks all. Going to stop over thinking it and go for a black primer.
  9. Hi. Can I use a Matt black acrylic spray paint as a primer for a plaster of Paris base or do I need “proper” primer? Thanks
  10. Hi. Can anyone recommend a good but reasonably priced PE bending tool for a PE noob on a budget? 1/35 AFV is the format. Thanks.
  11. First model for 30 years done! Things to improve on for next time: 1. Flashing/sprue mark sorting. 2. Paint wheels before attaching 3. more colour depth and variety 4. Be braver with washes 5. learn about pigment colouring a bit more. something German and grey next - bit fed up of yellow!
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