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  1. The nascar builders. I read someplace (and lost) that Monogram's Taurus wheels stick out too far? And there is a fix to be done. Can someone please give me more info/how to for this?
  2. Off ebay UK of all places. I have Revell's other four ASA's so had to buy this. Parts are good, even the glass. But the decals have a few spots (moisture?) on them.
  3. This surfacer, can be applied to small sections with a regular brush as i don't use an airbrush? And the sprue goo tip, will try this tonight.
  4. Hi. During a sanding session i left scratches in the plastic. Too light for Milliput smeared on damp and matt acrylic paint rubs out. To buy just one product, which to use. Mr Hobby spray or brush on? Tamiya product perhaps?
  5. All the cars i've posted, a lot of yellow being used as 1st or 2nd colours. I did get sick of them, its why i built this yellow Dinner Bell Olds into a white Havoline. And the Dinner Bell is an ugly scheme. Ha! But just yesterday i did see a pic of a genuine white 28 Havoline race car, in the 90's ARCA series. But a Lumina body, so almost correct. My current builds, three are to be yellow. Can't get away from this colour.
  6. The Superflo, may start that next year to eventually have all three built. This ASA Zerex Tbird is missing parts, but am hoping that they'll turn up again,somehow.
  7. My last Nascar post using the recent pics i took. Manheim Auctions Monte Carlo. Driven by Dick Trickle, best name in nascar. A quite low key scheme, not helped by using the same shade of yellow as on the other cars, should have been brighter, Ford Signal Yellow perhaps. Again, just b/w pics of the decals in a Carkits catalogue, so never know how it'll finally look.
  8. Brickyard annual? I found my '94 issue while looking for these models. Forgot i even had it.
  9. I agree, the ASA's are great looking cars and the chassis detail is on another level compared to Monogram. Just the chassis here, a great base for extra detail to be added.
  10. More Slixx decals from about 97. The masking on this actually pretty good, no ridges between colours. Masked with some sort of brown tape, it had a layer of silver included. And midnight blue not black on the front.
  11. I have seen your great looking Skoal car. I have the same decals too, just need to decide which version to build! Though which spray can metallics i can find will decide this.
  12. A Slixx decal car. Buying i think from Carkits, no colour pictures so just had to go by their pricelist description. Strange now when you think about it!
  13. Some of my favourite cars that i built way back in '94. Two Raybestos kits so i could double up the decals and a 'whif' Twix car. No driver name, i guess the team was still to decide who would race! An easy logo to cut from solid decal and visits to the print shop to pester the lady for various logo sizes.
  14. It was the British Comics site. Twice i was told of Look&Learn magazine which led me to its history on the above website, only a small article of the Look Alive mag. Must to follow a link for full history of the six issues published.
  15. And here's the other two bodyshells. I did'nt build the chassis but i have them and the glass.
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