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  1. Thanks for that link. Always strange at first, to see Brit aircraft in US markings.
  2. Thanks for reply. I really thought that my colour perception was off. It is an odd paint finish, especially as its a uniform fade, not patchy/worn out.
  3. So, was on the Modeling Madness site for Tamiya Mustang, Israeli AF. But the colours in the photos, am I boss eyed or are they really pink and red? In the text, colors are blue and brown.
  4. That's it! Thanks for that link. DK have no markings history on their site.
  5. Does anyone remember kit prices from the eighties? I built dozens of models then, how much was an eleven year old spending?
  6. I've seen the above sheet from DK decals showing a Hurricane with a US star. Anyone know its history? And their Me109 too!
  7. Can this be done to good effect? Am sanding* down the grey primer coat on my 1.72 aircraft and I really like the subtle tone changes that's happened and can see how I can 'burnish' some areas. But to do this rubbing down on a camo scheme, will a gloss (for decals) then a matt coat kill the effect? Also, am a brush painter only. *Micro mesh. 1800-12000
  8. Has somebody already built an inflight Stuka with battle damage landing gear? Today, I read an old BoB magazine with a German photo (from cockpit) of two Stukas returning from UK and one is totally missing both of its U/C legs.
  9. BlackKnight. Great info to read. Have ordered 10x25 N52 rectangle, a good shape for a Spit, quite flat underneath at its wing/body joint. Or magnet on the stand and a steel stud in place of the landing light. My Airfix 1.48 is a good choice for that, as i lost its clear part.
  10. Hi. Ta for the replies. That magnet strength table, great info there. Now I just have to choose a shape that'll fit flush onto the join when inside fuselage. I'll take some pics of the fitting to post up.
  11. My first Q on here So, am building some wheels up Spits and don't want to drill holes for a stand. If I glue a magnet inside the fuselage, will it grip onto a steel stand? (I can fabricate my own stands) I can buy magnets with up to a 3kg 'pull' of various sizes. Are these strong enough/too strong?
  12. Hi all. Finally joined this forum after 30 years of not building ww2 aircraft. Right now, am in the middle of three Spits'. But am definitely a model maker, not a small scale replicator.
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