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  1. If the emphasis is of people sharing their build logs, as the Tiger one seems to be, then the WIP section would obviously make more sense. If kit information and technical details are more the direction of travel then this section I guess?
  2. Sounds good to me Would be very useful to have a wealth of Sherman advice & tips in one place though if people prefer to do their own WIP thread they still can.
  3. Superb painting for the scale. Very nice indeed
  4. Awesome model and brilliantly painted and weathered. Great work
  5. Great zimmerit and very nice work with the camo pattern
  6. Hi, Regarding Polish Shermans I found looking at the decal sheets from Toro Models to be very useful for providing information about the tanks: https://toro-model.home.pl/pliki/kalki48e.htm https://toro-model.home.pl/pliki/kalki35e.htm
  7. Great job with the paint scheme and I think the running gear looks very good
  8. Those tarps look brilliant. I've not encountered that idea before...seems like the ideal thickness and texture. Have you applied dilute PVA to hold the creases and folds? Great photo etch as well I vote Nashorn too!
  9. Brilliant model. I love the painting and weathering on this....looks incredibly realistic and authentic.
  10. Sublime detailing again John particularly those hasps & staples Is the intention to have this ready for Telford?
  11. Great job on the paint scheme and excellent weathering
  12. Some incredible work going on here. I love how you've kept the fairly dark base colour while the subtle highlights really brings it to life Going to look tremendous once finished.
  13. Unusual subject and the paintwork is outstanding. Brilliant work
  14. I like that a lot. I love the faded dusty paintwork and the lettering looks perfect
  15. Incredible detailing work on this John. Fantastic effort though I think that clasp for the sledgehammer handle is bordering on insanity! Great work
  16. Excellent paint job and I also really like the figure
  17. That's looking great. Really like the modulation effects you've done
  18. An outstanding model in every way. I love the contrast of the blue and red...it makes for a rather unusual vehicle which is very eye catching and different. All the little extras such as the cigarette ends make it so unique and realistic! Great work
  19. Excellent model...the wood effects are superb
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