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  1. Stunning work. I love the paintwork and the weathering is quite superb
  2. Brilliant work again. Love the painting and mud effects
  3. When I first joined the site the Notifications used to make a small sound when I logged on or received a notification. I get the small red number over the bell now but don't get the little sound/beep anymore? Not important but just wondering what happened to it?
  4. Hi, I'm no expert on colour accuracy but as you say XF-62 does seem a little too green (I've been looking into this as part of my current build). Panzermeister uses the mix you suggest (XF-62 + dark yellow) for the initial basecoat, hairspray applied then he uses XF62 + wooden deck tan XF-78 for the lighter topcoat. Seems to look quite good in the video. I guess you can control the amount of dark yellow/wooden deck tan to alter the darkness/lightness as you see fit.
  5. Outstanding work Stix. I love everything about it. Beautifully finished and presented
  6. Another good choice. Will look forward to seeing it come together!
  7. Great work Milan and very nicely painted indeed. Interesting choice of model. Always good to have a kit with no trickery!
  8. Beautifully painted and weathered. Superb work
  9. Absolutely stunning piece of work.....composition, execution, build and finish. For what is quite a small scene it is packed with detail and visual interest yet not overloaded. I think the 3 figures looks just right! Superb
  10. Great work and I like all the different textures
  11. Thank you! Much appreciated. I didn't realise quite how many different conversions were undertaken of this vehicle.....a true workhorse.
  12. Thanks for the excellent info You should go on Mastermind some time! I believe Formation models used to do a 1/35 Oddball conversion though I don't think available any more: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/formations-f100-f100-oddball-sherman-conversion--237510
  13. Next step was deciding on the shade of Olive Drab. These were the paints I had all with Olive Drab on the bottle: In the end I went for Ammo Mig Olive Drab Base, Light Base and Highlights (0926, 0927, 0928). This was sprayed in very thin layers at around 18psi. I wanted to keep some element of pre shading visible but not too dark in anticipation of the upcoming weathering. Tools and the Jerry can rack painted with Vallejo and Lifecolor acrylics: Due to several decal disasters in the past I decided to invest in a set of DN Models 1/48 Allied stencil masks. Having allowed the Olive drab to harden for a few days the model was masked up. Reference photos show these vehicles had the Star in circle painted on the upper surfaces to allow for aerial recognition. Both 'broken circles' which were known as lazy stars and painted by stencil were present along with 'complete circles'. I understand the troops often painted in the gaps to form the complete circle.....for this build I'm going with the lazy star. I used Tamiya Flat white sprayed in multiple very thin layers: Still lots to do, further detail painting and interior, but gradually progressing. Thanks for looking
  14. Interesting point about the definition of 'heroes'. It is worth noting that the film was originally called 'The Warriors'. Post-production it became 'Kelly's Warriors' before finally being titled 'Kelly's Heroes'. I guess the characters can be viewed as being heroes for Kelly by helping him to carry out his plan and also heroes to the people of the French town which they liberate from German occupation. Thanks for the information about the Sherman . Makes sense as I assume they used Shermans which were locally available in Yugoslavia (where the film was shot) at the time.
  15. Warlord Games sell a complete set of miniatures: Turk (played by Shepherd Sanders) looks a bit wild with a gun in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other! They also do a Sherman (in 1/56) appropriately named 'Oddball Sherman'. No reference as to what type of Sherman this is.
  16. I think Oniria miniatures have done a set though may be out of production and was in 1/48. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/oniria-miniatures-wb4-deal--1077969 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/oniria-miniatures-wb6-us-tank-riders--1073542 Crapgame: Then make a DEAL! Big Joe: What kind of deal? Crapgame: A DEAL, deal! Maybe the guy’s a Republican. “Business is business,” right?
  17. Wasn't the film loosely based on true events? During the turmoil of Berlin being bombed at the end of WW2 the Germans attempted to protect and hide away the gold of the Reichsbank in underground mines. After the war it was discovered that 2500 gold bars went missing supposedly by a joint US / German renegade group https://www.military.com/history/story-behind-true-events-inspired-kellys-heroes.html https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nazi-Gold-Sensational-Greatest-Criminal/dp/1840187859 Also the actor who plays Mulligan in the film is George Savalas (Telly's younger brother). He is responsible for the highly inaccurate aerial bombing....'Mulligan' comes from the term in golf for a second shot due to inaccuracy/blunder.
  18. Just a small update for today. I experimented with various alternatives to the kit supplied plastic part which acts as the canvas cover for the front cabin though nothing looked quite right. I was hoping fabric would work well and give a natural look though it looked rather out of scale. In the end I significantly thinned the kit part and roughened the edges slightly. The model has now been primed with Ammo mig one shot grey primer and then some pre-shading with Tamiya Nato Black and Flat white. Whilst that hardens I have made a start on the Willys Jeep. This is kit 32552 which comes with 9 figures and some accessories so offers great value for around £15. I have also added the Hauler photoetch set. Next step will be finishing the jeep and deciding on which shade of Olive Drab to go for! Thanks for looking Stuart
  19. Beautiful model which is brimming with character and storytelling. The weathering of the wood and the mud/dust effects are superb I quite like the figure....his eyes suggest he's been quite startled by something in the paper! Great work
  20. Very nice job. Well done on the camo pattern and weathering
  21. Stunning work The painting and weathering are perfect....very realistic and great colour choice
  22. Incredible work So much to look at and the weathering is outstanding
  23. Superb work. Love the diorama and figures are excellent. Nice one
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