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  1. Great job on the Archer. I am presently building the 1:35 scale Tamiya Archer kit.
  2. Well it took me about 10 - 11 months for the carrier. I did a lot of practicing on spures and bought a piece of plain sheet styrene to test painting colours and ideas. That was the first build since I was 13 yrs. old and that build was a 1:48 scale spitfire. Basically a quick glue, a quick two colour paint and done. No concern for anything just slap it together and move on. It was somewhat of a right of passage for early teens to build a few things then move on to some other activities. So 52yrs. later retired, I decided to get into the hobby properly and try my hand at a serious build. My key is lots of research on the build for accuracy and lots of planning an dry fits before gluing. If you are building the same kit , with figures note that the driver and Bren gunner have to go in before you attach the front amour plate . Takes a bit of fiddling because the steering wheel and Bren gun also have to be fixed in position before also. cheers Dennis
  3. Good day Muchmirth, yes the nets are scratch made. I use cheese cloth sold in the grocery stores here in Canada. I cut out a square larger than the helmet, paint it a tan colour and then start gluing it to the underside a little at a time. As the first glued edge dries , I start to cut it an shape it to fit. I have also started to put a pressure bandage as seen under most of the nets, a small square canvas looking in colour. I use a small piece of packing foam cut and shaped, painted then put under the net as I am gluing. As for the gun stocks, I first take a fine file an puts some light groves in the plastic to represent the gain. Then using Vallejo 73-601 grey primer, put on a very diluted coat. Next Vallejo 71-077 wood again a very dilute coat, followed by an even more dilute and random coat of 70-846 mahogany. Then a dilute wash of Vallejo 76-505 light rust followed by a light touch of Vallejo 76-513 brown wash just to settle in the file or sanded in grooves to simulate the grain look. You can take a sprue and file/ sand in some marks and practice on them to get it how you would like it to look. cheers Dennis
  4. Not sure I have been doing this long enough, as I just started back after not building for 52 yrs.. Overall a good job. But the gaiters maybe should be a little dark and the boots have some mud if they are suppose to have in the flood areas. cheers
  5. Thanks for the positive note Mike. as the first build in 52yrs. and first attempt at weathering , scratch build items and just proper model building was not sure how little or how much weathering to do. I went with less than more. cheers Dennis
  6. Thanks for the comments Liam. just starting my next build Archer SPG.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement it keeps me confident in continuing to build more. I was pleased at the product for my first build in 52 yrs. but I have quite a ways to go to get up to the standards on this forum. A lot of amazing builds on the forum for me to use as references, modeling is far different from when I dabbled years ago! next one will be an archer spg. it will be a while as I do take it slow. thanks Dennis
  8. Good day fittedkitchens. I had to put the driver and gunner in first. Then a lot of dry fitting for the steering wheel and Bren gun to fit in their hands. A little glue to just hold the wheel and gun then slip on the front panel, adjust the wheel and steering column to fit in the panel and then adjust the Bren. Then a permanent glue the panel and the figures. Not a quick process!! thanks for the comments Dennis
  9. Thanks Steben, it took a lot of mixing and testing but it came out fairly well.
  10. good day Vytautas. Originally thought I would just do what I did 50 yrs. ago, testors enamel. But hobby store clerk informed of acrylics, and my new journey has begun. Bought a few books, lots of brushes, 2 blank sheets of polystyrene plastic and then all Vallejo products. Primer , paint ,thinner, retarder, washes and pigments. Then 3 weeks of practice ! Getting the paint-thinner-retarder ratios and practicing the brush painting on the blank styrene before going on to the kit. All to minimize the visible brush strokes. Thanks Juno beach
  11. Thanks for the comments, Spitfire 123. Lots of reading on technique, and hours of under cutting details. Cheers Junobeach
  12. Just new to the site. I have completed my first build in 52 years. I jumped into the deep end with both feet. First time using PE and also Figures. Tamiya 1:35 universal carrier MK ll plus figures, Eduard Photo etched, and all painted by hand. Please be kind, my next effort will be a SPG Archer.
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