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  1. Small update.. Hangar put together, just need to put the doors on. Superstructure is coming together, just a tiny bit of filler needed. So waiting for that to dry. Rest of superstructure will be next, then onto the hull I think.
  2. Picked this one up from a well known auction site Hull is already formed.. No motor in the box unfortunately Everything else looks good to go. All instructions are in Chinese, but I'm sure I can figure most of it out with much trouble lol Looks as though I'm going to have to make it as USS Spruance post VLS upgrade as the x2 sprues that have the quad TLAM launchers and the ASROC launcher is not in the box or make them myself Luckily I can leave those until the end to decide. First
  3. Indeed they are I might try weathering someday - still trying to get the basics done first LOL
  4. Thanks. Just had a look and yep that box art is good I can't take any credit for the Cumbrae - it was a gift a few years back. I need to get it back in the water again soon.
  5. No idea why but most of the pics I took haven't saved to my phone So this is now almost done, just some final touches before the last coat goes on. Measuring just over 37 cm I thought this was a decent size, that was until I put it next to it's big brother lol That one is the Caldercraft Cumbrae - Clyde Pilot Cutter 1/32. Needs some rigging repairs as the #'][=##' cat thought it was a toy
  6. Decided to give this one a go before fixing bigger things. Quite a bit of spill over on the mould but nothing that can't be fixed.
  7. I was expecting to see a cracked hull after that hit
  8. Props are on Fin and tube hatches Now to wait a day or so to let it all set and then a few final coats and I think it will be done.
  9. Looking good. Yea, I would imagine without an ESC then it would act like a speed boat. Are you going to keep it running off AA's or something else?
  10. Fin is starting to come together. Hull is almost finished, tube hatches will go on once the fin is stuck down. Good thing with taking these photos is that they see more than my eyes do - touch up needed on the stern lol Placement of the fin, just to make sure it fits
  11. Decided to make a start on the Zvezda version of the Oscar II "Kursk" Nice box picture to start with.. Not too much in the way of parts, so straight on with putting the hull together.. A bit put putty around the joins is needed. Also noticed that they only seem to have put the scribed details on one side of the boat WTH - they can get sorted later on. The biggest thing though is that the rudder is wrong, OSCAR's have a dual lower rudder inline with each prop. For a Russian supplier to make a basic mistake like this is Going to have to leave this
  12. I was trying to go for the Sibir colour scheme. It didn't work out quite right, but its better than just black hull and red superstructure.
  13. Well, the postman dropped off a nice parcel this morning (Got a feeling they came from @Woodstock74 but not 100%, if so MANY THANKS ) Was lucky there was 2 in the package, as the first one I snapped most of the blades off it when I tried to cut off the supports. 1st time using 3D printed parts, so lesson learnt - they are very fragile Repainted the hull last night, coat of matt on today then the decals on tomorrow hopefully.. Not 100% on the name plate, nothing in the decals for it, so its just a print atm
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