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  1. I was wondering where this one went! Looking forward to it!
  2. @JWM I've sent you a PM Jerzy, I can help you with those decals. Those are some great pics of German LeOs. The one at the SNCASE plant is particularly interesting. Early in this build I assumed (wrongly, as is usually the case) that this captured LeO that I'm building was a one-off, just a random plane that the Luftwaffe grabbed somewhere and pressed into service. Not so! The story is that in May 1943 the SNCASE factory near Lyon was captured by the Italians, who found a stock of 39 LeO 451, presumably at different stages of production. the Luftwaffe took one look at their sleek li
  3. It's Heller. I never expect too much.
  4. I've spotted one on the Bay from an overseas seller but they're asking for a couple of limbs. One limb I might stretch to but you know how it is.
  5. I had a Dutch girlfriend for a few years. Loved to visit her family. Poffertjes at Scheveningen!
  6. @neilh. Beautiful British name.
  7. True that. I'm not a fan of the sticky-onny bits right at the end. By that stage I just want to get the damn thing done and of all the parts they're the ones maybe most deserving of a bit of care and attention.
  8. The Amiot is not ugly. She is selective in her appeal.
  9. I'm getting some Heller armour for Christmas if Santa comes up with the goods (let's put it this way, I ordered it online and handed the box to SWMBO for the purposes of wrapping.) I've never done a tank before (vaguely remember doing a Wehrmacht halftrack when I was a kid) so I'll be watching for some tips on this one! Enjoy!
  10. Looking forward to this one. A Spitfire's a Spitfire but it's always fascinating to see them in the colours of other nations.
  11. The callouts with the sheet show 728 on the nose (decal "Q") and that's what I'll send with the roundels and fin flashes, does seem a bit odd though that 728 appears on a Polish plane (albeit in a slightly different typeface) whereas first pic on a google search of "cuban mig 19" shows 82 (in a very different typeface!) Where did the profile with Cuban 82 you put further up the thread come from? There's always something with decals!
  12. Oooh this looks interesting. haven't seen that one before. Which of those Hi-Decal schemes are you going with?
  13. Gotta love a Spit. Looking sleek and smart!
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