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  1. Really awesome build, love the details, and the reveal at the end—wow! Was not visualising just how small it is until I saw that tamiya bottle. Great job!
  2. many thanks @spruecutter96 and @bmwh548 I think you are both right in that it's my finish that's the issue. I did leave the varnish for a while but next time probably should do for longer, and I need to pay more attention to the seams to make sure they are properly smooth and flush. @bmwh548 if you can recall off the top of your head any resources concerning the correct technique for tight corners, I'd be very much appreciative Cheers
  3. Hi all and happy new year I'm working away on my fourth aircraft model so still relatively new to this and am struggling with something that sounds like it should be a breeze... Flory wash. I wanted to do some basic weathering, namely panel lines and some definition around the seams and from research it seems like Flory was by far the easiest and most forgiving for the newcomer so bought myself a bottle of the Dark Dirt wash. Made sure that the model got a good shiny Klear finish before applying the wash as an overall coat but am having big issues with the seams / corners.
  4. Good lord, that is really quite special. The radial weathering around the swing wings is something else. You could swap out the grey background with a photographic one and I bet no-one would be able to tell it wasn't a real aircraft. Great job.
  5. Just wow. As others have already mentioned that heat staining is masterful, really awesome job there
  6. thanks @malpaso, yeah I have definitely cleaned up all the blutack so I'm going to do as you suggest and give it a blast of Klear, with fingers firmly crossed, here's hoping the faint lines disappear!
  7. Ok this makes sense. Follow up question: If it is just residue from the blu tack, shouldn't it be possible to clean it off? My attempts to do so so far have not made any difference to the colour shift. Will I have to re-paint? will be a pain to do the cam masking again!
  8. @cngaero thanks for the reply and I think you're right. I figured that since it was a brand new pack of blu tack it wouldn't have as much of the residue issue but it looks like I'll be picking up some white tack very soon!
  9. Hi all and Merry Christmas I'm having a weird issue with blu tack camo lines. I applied the camo with thin blu tack sausages and filled the middle with copydex, then sprayed. After leaving it for a few days I removed the lot and there is a slightly different shade to the areas that were masked with blu tack than the copydex, resulting in an 'edging' to the camo which while subtle is really noticeable to me! As you can see here: I can't tell whether it's residue from the blu tack or whether the paint actually came through the copydex somehow? I've sc
  10. Beautiful.. and using the steel rod on the landing gear, wow that looks great. Good stuff.
  11. This is really awesome, such a great level of detail for such a tiny model. And the mechanic who's dropped a tool inside is a great touch. Nice!
  12. Brilliant work there, love the weathering, and the photography is superb. Two thumbs up!
  13. Oooh that is a bit special, super job there. I know it's not part of the model itself but I LOVE the tiny blades of grass poking through the runway, lovely detail
  14. Absolutely marvelous! Weathering is spot on and the metal effects are brilliant, great job there
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