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  1. Good shout, I will do make sure to do this. huge thanks. I have a feeling I may be asking rather a lot of obvious questions on here. Onward and upwards!
  2. Absolutely fantastic, many thanks chaps. Most of my mishaps so far have been due to not waiting long enough.. so good to know I need to keep hands off for a good week! Much appreciated
  3. Apologies in advance if this is a very silly question! I'm getting back into modelling after a rather long hiatus and have been starting out with some 1/72 aircraft and the results haven't been totally dreadful so far. I'm currently trying to get a nice shiny finish on Airfix's Red Arrow and all was going well. Put down some primer, then a few coats of humbrol acrylic with the airbrush, all looking nice. Then a few coats of Pledge Revive floor wax (used to be Future Klear?) for a glossy finish. Then I only went and tried to do a tiny touch up bit of sanding on the intakes and got a few nasty marks, scratched off the red acrylic, which are going to need touching up. I don't want to use a brush as I'm pretty terrible with them and I know I'll ruin the smooth finish. My questions is, can I just spray acrylic over the Pledge varnish coat or will I need to remove the varnish first? Many thanks in advance for any insight (and thanks to all for the many hours I have enjoyed perusing some of the fantastic builds on here, just wow)
  4. That's a great shout. When I do a search for naptha on Amazon I get results for Zippo lighter fluid.. No mention though of that the ingredients are. Is this the same stuff?
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