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  1. Bloomin marvellous. Just perfect weathering, love the painted over markings. 10/10
  2. That award is bigger than the model!! Much deserved, absolutely stellar build
  3. Beautiful build of a beautiful little aircraft! And, magnets to keep the nosewheel down, that’s genius. Top notch stuff 10/10
  4. Wow! Stunning build of a very interesting aircraft. Top job
  5. Really amazing job. I'm currently half way through this exact build and if I can get even a fraction of a way towards your result here I'll be a happy camper. I particularly like the subtle weathering.. I was planning to do mine without but this has inspired me to give it a try. 10/10!
  6. Absolutely marvelous, very nice build! two thumbs up 10/10
  7. Super interesting aircraft.. I want to do a twin build of this and the TSR-2 as their fates were ultimately similar. Really nice job, particularly given it was a 'recovery' of an old build! 10/10
  8. Absolutely superb model of a super cool aircraft. Weathering is just perfect. Spot on 10/10
  9. Holy moly! Really great job, sounds like it was a trial but the result is splendid!
  10. Loving the subject, really unique. Top job!
  11. Beautiful job! And I love that it's based on a photo that you took—brilliant stuff. 10/10
  12. I have one of these on the bench as we speak and if it comes out a fraction as good as yours, I will be very pleased. Really nice work, particularly with the scratchbuilt doors and luggage, lovely detail. Very cool livery too.
  13. Fantastic work on such a great looking aircraft. 10/10!
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