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  1. That is superb! Really like the weathering. Sean
  2. Cool tip re. exhaust - thanks. Sean
  3. Here is my Bf109E - Northern France 1941. Pretty happy with the result although with the benefit of hindsight I could have rescribed the panel lines and got the fuselage join tidier. The poor fitting engine cowlings also drove me mad so I just glued and filled in the end... It's my third build since a very lengthy hobby gap - it's a 1:72 Phantom II next. Cheers Sean
  4. Thanks for your input guys. I will post photos of the finished model soon...
  5. Hi All, I know that weathering is pretty subjective....but. This is both my first 1/24 build and attempt at weathering. I've attached photo of underside of Me109 which I have weathered with watercolour paints. Too much/too little? I don't want to achieve pin sharp panel lines, more of an uneven look but maybe too thick/too much/doesn't work?? Any comments or advice appreciated before the final coat of matt goes on. Thanks Sean
  6. Hi All, I'm a newbie and new to group - started building again and this is my first model since boyhood. Far from perfect but learnt a lot on the way... Sean
  7. Hi John, Great build - I am halfway through this particular model at the moment. Can I ask: did you apply the underside white arrow decal before attaching the flap actuators or did you cut decal and apply after fixing actuators to wing underside? Many Thanks Sean
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