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  1. I hope there’s updates, Pascal is at it again! I love your builds!
  2. I have spend so much time looking at these pictures, and I have no words for this fantastic build. I wish I had the nerve and skills to try something like this.. However, I don’t know if I’m even qualified to say this, but maybe the roof section seems a little too...well, square-ish.. the one from the designer has more of a curve to it.. I don’t know.. it is what I like about the original F40, the square-ness of it.. but when everything else on the new version is beautifully curved, maybe the roof stands out a little..
  3. is this real?! what a crazy build! so many details! now my 1:8 looks so cheap.. oh, I am so happy that I joined this site! But it could turn out to be expensive...
  4. this level of detail... I am amazed! all this fiddling, I could never find the patience to do it, I’m having troubles putting my 1:8 back together Very nice job sir!
  5. this is a fantastic build! any updates? I love diecast modifications! and especially on the F40, in any size! That grey LM is SO beautiful!
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